As we know, hacking and identity theft make us more vulnerable than ever when we shop with a credit or debit card — whether in a store, over the phone, or online. So, we need to do all we can to protect ourselves.
In the infographic below from Sainsbury’s Bank, “We’ve put together 15 steps for safe online shopping, along with how to stay safe using mobile devices, and Wi-Fi. We’ve also included tips on what to do if you encounter any illegal activity.”


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  1. The biggest concern I have when shopping online is security. While quality is up there too, my family’s credit card number has been stolen too many times, and those are all linked to either online purchases or overseas companies. Rhode Island Novelty once used our credit card to buy two tickets to Afghanistan. Needless to say, we now buy those American Express preloaded gift cards when we make online purchases, except for Amazon.

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