Many domestic Chinese companies want to project a more foreign (exotic) image. So, they have created brands that are not perceived as Chinese.

As reported by Dan Levin for the New York Times:

“Eager to glaze their products with the sheen of international sophistication, many homegrown retail brands have hit upon a similar formula: Choose a non-Chinese name that gives the impression of being foreign. Chrisdien Deny, a retail chain with more than 500 locations across China, sells belts, shoes and clothing with an “Italian style” — and a logo with the same font as Christian Dior’s. Helen Keller, named for the deaf-blind American humanitarian, offers trendy sunglasses and classic spectacles at over 80 stores, with the motto ‘you see the world, the world sees you.’ Frognie Zila, a clothing brand sold in 120 stores in China, boasts that its ‘international’ selection is ‘one of the first choices of successful politicians and businessmen’ and features pictures on its Web site of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Venetian canals.”

Click the image to read Levin’s full story AND to access a slideshow on Chinese retailers.


2 Replies to “Inventive “Foreign” Brand Names for Chinese Firms”

  1. I think that this is a very smart strategy for Chinese businesses because it will attract its local customers into the store think that they are buying foreign products. However, I also think that customers are going to be confused at the name brand when they walk into the store and everything is “Made in China.” My suggestion for Chinese companies is that they should focus on advertising high quality products and branching out, then trying to trick customers into thinking they are purchasing foreign products.

    MTK Class MW

  2. As a Chinese Resident, I understand why Chinese retailers implement such strategies to attract potential customers. With the trend of consuming luxury products in China, customers concern about their consumption levels. They prefer those products that reflect global sophistication and cost less compared to those famous brands. By doing so, they feel sense of satisfaction regarding social status.

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