LinkedIn is doing everything that it can keep ahead of the competition. For example, it just added a new mobile app to make LinkedIn easier for users.

Recently, CBS MarketWatch published an interview with Krista Canfield, LinkedIn’s spokesperson. In discussing the new app, Canfield commented that: “The new LinkedIn Profile on mobile app helps you put your best self forward and tell your story. It provides you with insights about other professionals when you need them the most, like when you’re about to walk into an impromptu meeting with someone you’ve never met.”

Click here to read more of the Canfield interview.

Click the image of LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner to see a video on what makes a good profile.


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  1. To my view, LinkedIn is like a showroom. I may or may not find a job offer there directly, but companies/recruiters may see my profiles and that helps me build and broad an image. Vice verse, I can know more about others as long as they are profiling themselves in LinkedIn and also I have the opportunity to network with them after connected with each other.

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