Because it is so important, we have made a number of posts on self branding, such as this one. Today’s post shows how to build a better online self brand image.

As reported by Deborah Shane for

“The questions I get asked most frequently when working with people on their brand marketing and social marketing strategy are, ‘How do I build a following and build my reputation?’ and, ‘How do I get people to comment and re-tweet?’ The social media mentors I respect come from different arenas and all kind of say the same thing: Be authentic and real, create useful content, be consistent, engage in the conversation, and give more than you ask.Want to build your brand reputation? Here are some of my insights and some of the things I have learned that have helped me make amazing connections, grow my reach and business, and have a whole lot of fun sharing ideas and learning from others.”

Take a look at this slideshow based on Shane’s suggestions.


11 Replies to “Building an Online Brand Reputation”

  1. Presenting an honest image of yourself and paying attention to others’ opinions is a great way to learn more about yourself and more from others. Building a brand takes time; what helps is being both interesting and insightful.

  2. These ten suggestions can really help to create a better self image that is beneficial for the workplace. In my opinion, being yourself is the most important factor, because it displays a person’s honesty and acceptance. Getting to know other people is also a major factor in self branding, because landing a top job today is greatly based on who you know, not what you know.

  3. It’s really important to do self branding. However, after reading this, I thought I should make more effort to show people my personal world since I rarely do this before.

  4. It is hard to balance being yourself and being interested in others. If we keep watching others and track them all the time, in the one side, we can learn their successful communicating skills, copy their strategy and model, and take lesson from their failure. On the other hand, being interested in others barriers us to hold our own ideas and styles. How to balance these two points and what extent should be are all questions you should consider.

  5. I think these ten suggestions are very useful. I think it’s important to self brand yourself and if it’s done the right way it can be very beneficial. At a LinkedIn workshop I went to once, the presenter who was a business man showed us how he had some of his interest on LinkedIn. He said that making it more personal helps people make connections with you and your more likely to get hired that way. Once again though it all depends on how you go about doing it.

  6. While this article mainly focuses on what we did on our essays in class, the powerpoint offers more suggestions on how to supplement one’s on self-branding. The tip that I found to be the oddest was with showing your personal life. Considering that self-branding is more focused with showing off one’s abilities, it almost seems out-of-place to put one’s personal life into the mix.

  7. These are great tips to boost your online reputation. With the internet and social media becoming such an important aspect in people’s lives, it is important to know how to use these things to benefit one’s reputation.

  8. Believe it or not, this could be a conversation most people who have commented on this could be having with their kids! I know I probably will.

    I think it is important to present a great, businesslike image of yourself online if you are seeking a job because companies obviously spider search the web for history of a potential employee. This is why you should obviously maintain privacy in most of your social media profiles. Unfortunately a lot of us do not remember this while commenting on certain posts or posting certain pictures. I think that pictures from when some people are in their teens or generally immature also hurts them.

    I think online brand reputation does not only include content you post yourself but content other people post about you which is why everyone should be careful about those pictures some people may send late at night – you have no idea where that is going to end up

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