Different social media attract very different users, not only in the United States but around the globe. Let’s take a look at the user profiles by age for various countries.

As reported by Ayaz Nanji for MarketingProfs:

 “The social platform with the youngest global user base is Tumblr, followed by Instagram, and Pinterest, according to a recent report by GlobalWebIndex. The analysis was based on survey data from a panel of people with Web access living in four countries at different stages Internet development: India, South Africa, Spain, and the United States.”


“Facebook has an older age profile than Twitter in all countries surveyed, though the gap is more marked in Spain and the US than in South Africa and India. In addition, the oldest Facebook user profile is in the United States, most likely because of the maturity of the market and the platform’s ubiquity there. LinkedIn and Google+ are the most commonly used social networks by the oldest demographic surveyed (55-64).”

Click on the image to see the demographic profiles of the four countries.

5 Replies to “A Global Look at Who’s Using Different Social Media”

  1. In Nanji,s second sentence the transcriber obviously dropped a word. So now you know I read it, Happy New Year

  2. Technological age is changing constantly. It is interesting how almost a decade ago social media was an uncommon product. Now there is a market, with demographic of age groups who used them. Even though at first social media, we something geared towards a younger age group. Now it has grown into something for all ages to keep in touch.

  3. As we know technology is always shifting in many ways. Over the past 7 years that I have used social media, there have been different age groups for each one. In 7th grade sconex was one of the big social media sites but only geared towards high school students so we had to lie if we were younger. Then came myspace which many young people used but it expanded to age groups of 14 through adults 65+. After myspace facebook came along which was intentially for college students to link up but turned into a worldwide site which allows all ages to keep in touch. Social media has such a big market now.

  4. I think Social media is booming and will continue to boom because it is the way of the future. I think many businesses worldwide heard about social media might have been nervous to enter the social media marketing . I think businesses realize if they want to stay in business this is a channel they need to continue to explore. When businesses have a revenue issue or the economy is bad the first thing they look to do is cut expenses . Marketing expense is one of the first to get cut. I think as the economy is getting better the more spending will happen especially on the social media side.

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