Technology is good. Usually — but not always. How we use technology must be thought out if we (as marketers) are to maximize its benefits.

With this in mind, take a look at this infographic from Lattice Engines, a B2B firm that provides data-driven business applications.


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  1. Since technology plays a vital role in todays society, marketers need to know how to engage an audience and sell their product. I would like to know who came up with the QR code campaign for Volkswagen. Not only can customers not see the code, but they must take out their phones while driving in order to scan the code. Scanning and driving do not mix!
    I am also surprised McDonalds did not foresee the backlash they would receive from hashtags. While plenty of people still eat at McDonalds, the controversy over pink slime in their products does not create a positive image for the fast food giant. If a company decides to advertise their products on twitter or Facebook, they should be prepared to deal with negative comments from customers who know have an outlet to express their opinions.

    1. Its a touch economy and marketers need to realize how to appeal to those consumers most effected. Thinking outside the box establishing value before price while keeping the product or service innovative and trendful. The future of marketing is going through a shift mainly due to new interface s and operating systems. Apps seem to have taken a hold on the digital market while keeping it fresh and current.

  2. Being that social media is outlet these days for both good and bad opinions, it becomes especially important for companies to be especially cautious when it comes to marketing techniques. I am especially surprised by the McDonalds hashtag disaster. I think the possible negative consequences to that were quite obvious. Neolane’s mistake was probably a huge deterrent to customers as well. They clearly become just another target and make the experience far from personal.

  3. It can be so hard to market in certain situations. Especially now with all of social media and not knowing what can get out to the public. Just a little mistake can lead to a HUGE mistake with your firm and put you in danger. Posting something that is not true can lead to you getting sued. Or posting a joke that a specific audience may not understand can be degrading to the firm and can turn people away from the company. All in all, there can be so many minor mistakes with social media marketing and a company has to be careful in what it posts and puts out there for the world to see.

  4. The world is run by marketers, but not half the world realizes it. Marketers need to know what consumers want to buy and how to attached there attention. If marketers aren’t aware of what there doing or haven’t thought every option through they will end up with a failure. Volkswagen is really lucky that no one did die from there mistake of bad marketing. Marketers can either hit it big or watch it fall apart and hopefully get back up and try again and get it right.

  5. Marketing in certain situations may be a little more difficult than most. With everything we do being broadcasted on the Internet or through social media, any slip up can be made into something huge. Marketers need to realize what consumers want and how they need to grab their attention. Any mistake a marketer makes could be detrimental to the firm. This is why it is has such and important role in business.

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