6 Replies to “Marketing as a Career: A CNN Money Double Top Ten!”

  1. Marketing is a fascinating field to get into. Personally, I enjoy the advertising side of marketing rather than consumer analysis reports because I feel that it is a great medium to express creativity. Advertising is about understanding what people want and giving it to them in a manner which is memorable, either by being funny, frightening, or just simply having a catchy tune (for TV ads). Right now, I am not exactly sure on what major I am going to pursue but adversing is definitely want to look in to

  2. In the new age of the internet and a “connected” mainstream mindset, advertisers and marketers have an increasing number of channels and an increasing number of users to connect with using those channels. This all will come together with growth in the field because companies will look to hire more people as well as people who are in the field already will find more and more interesting cases to work on.

  3. Marketing is going through a complete overhaul in how its able to adapt to the current market changes and ability to stay current and useful. A career in marketing sounds cutting edgy especially living in the information age. With all the outlets out there for prime consumption its looks like marketing careers will be on the up and up for years to come.

  4. Marketing is a field that continuously adapts to the technology of the era. Marketing now a days during the information era is insane. There are so many more possibilities for advertisements and other marketing strategies with all the new technology. The marketing field has so many opportunities now a days so its a very good field that has many different sections for many different kinds of people.

  5. Seeing as today’s society is highly technological and interactive, the role of the marketing consultant has become vital. There is such a vast amount of possibilities in terms of possible outlets for advertising between social media sites and the Internet that the average company probably has no idea where to start. While one may have a terrific product, with out proper and competitive marketing, it will go nowhere.

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