Are you looking to change jobs? If yes, read on. If no, then file away this post for the future. πŸ™‚

Here are several tips from Karen Siwak, writing for Careerealism:

  • “Take some time to think about your personal and professional values. It is much easier to figure out whether a new company or position is going to be a good fit for you if you are really clear about what is important to you.”
  • “Go through your files and start collecting the material for your resume: projects, positive feedback, performance reviews, KPI [key performance indicators] reports, anything that you can use to support your success stories.”
  • “Define your value proposition – what are the key strengths, expertise, and experience that you have to offer.”
  • “Investigate companies that you would like to work for. A good source for getting the inside scoop on how employees feel about their company is anonymous reviews at”
  • “Determine whether you need training or credential upgrades in order to be more marketable.”
  • “Create at least two versions of your resume — a detailed resume that can be easily customized to apply for specific job openings, as well as a one-page high-impact synopsis that is better suited for networking.”
  • “Bring your LinkedIn profile up to date, and claim your web identity on Naymz and ZoomInfo.”
  • “Identify and join the LinkedIn groups and industry associations that will best support you in your career transition. Find out who the ‘people to know’ are.”
  • “Make networking a priority. Reconnect with colleagues from the past. It is much easier to network and reconnect when you don’t have the pressure of ‘need a job right now’.”
  • “Not comfortable with networking? Learn how. Consider seminars such as Breaking Down Silos, where you can get some practical tools and strategies for successful networking without feeling like a snake oil salesman.

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