The Coca-Cola Company is socially active around the globe. Its new interactive kiosk initiative demonstrates this well.

As Christopher Hall reports for “The Coca-Cola Company recently put interactive digital signage-enabled and -connected vending kiosks in both India and Pakistan, hostile neighbors with simmering resentments that once were part of the same nation. Each vending kiosk featured a touchscreen front showing people at the corresponding kiosk in the other country, and invited the people at each kiosk to interact and even complete a small shared task — drawing a circle, doing a little dance — with someone on the other side. (Much like the ‘dance kiosk’ last year in South Korea, completing the task gets the machine to dispense a soda.) The high-tech vending machines were installed in two popular shopping malls in Lahore, Pakistan, and New Delhi, India, ‘two cities separated by only 325 miles, but seemingly worlds apart due to decades of political tension’ and ‘invited consumers to put their differences aside and share a simple moment over a Coke.'”

Click the image to read more. And watch the YouTube video.



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