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  1. It’s really interesting to learn about behind-the-scenes tactics that retailers use because I never knew that there were so many. What was the most interesting about J. Crew was that they don’t really promote their sales like other companies. So instead, you as a customer has to be aware of when sales come up. Also I never knew that J. Crew had a student/teacher discount. I will definitely be using that next time I’m in! These behind-the-scene tactics really help customers be smarter shoppers.

  2. Having shopped in both Factory J.Crew stores as well as regular J.Crew stores, this article pointed out several interesting points. I was unaware of the student discount, and their lack of promotion of it shows how they are cautious to not “cheapen” their image with discounts. J.Crew’s policy of hiring seasoned, older workers, offering high end products (not in factory stores), and not promoting sales makes the store appeal to a higher-end cliental. I find it interesting that they lower their quality standards for the factory stores, treating the factory stores and their customers insignificantly to their main stores. This article really showed me how much J.Crew goes out of its way to keep it’s high-end image. I have even had a personal experience when I was in a J.Crew store with a male friend who was wearing large sweatpants. The salesclerk went out of her way to point him to the clearance section. In my opinion, this experience with the salesclerk reflects J.Crew’s overall “superior” image.

  3. The retail secrets which J Crew has were quite surprising. For example the fact that clothing sold at the J Crew factory stores are of lower quality really surprised me. Also, the red phone tip is great. I had no idea that 1. you could touch the red phone, 2. that one can order clothes from the red phone, and 3. that you don’t have to pay shipping if you do that! That seems crazy to me. And last but not least, the student discount is a great thing which they don’t advertise. If I had known all these tips, I would’ve started shopping at J Crew a long time ago. These tips really give me insight to how J Crew operates!

  4. J. Crew is one of my favorite stores. It is more spacious than other stores I’ve been in. My sister worked at J. Crew a few years ago and their policy is that they only hire people 18 and older. Now I understand why they do that. I’ve never spotted the red phone in the store, but now I’ll definitely look for it! The discount for college students and teachers is a great feature. While they keep that discount on the down low, it feels like you’re apart of a secret society that no one else knows about. J. Crew gives off this vibe as a sophisticated, prestigious store and now I know it’s true. You have a different shopping experience there and it makes you feel superior and cooler to be in that environment.

  5. J.Crew does a great job appealing to their customers and that is because of target-marketing. Keeping the teacher and college student discounts on the down low is just one of their secret marketing tactics that keeps their superior, wealthier and sophisticated appeal. They really focus on their representation of their image. To link this blog post to the post recent about Business to Business Marketing – J.Crew is doing B2B marketing right.

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