As we recently posted, it is imperative for everyone looking to get a job or advance in a current one to acquire and promote the skills you will most need to succeed in the career marketplace.

The future for marketing professionals will require a somewhat different set of skills than in the past and present. With this in mind, consider these observations from Bob Boehnlein, writing for Business 2 Community:

“Traditionally, marketers have had foundations in language, communications, and/or business. What talents will new hires need to bring to the table? Without question, there’s a need for exceptional abilities in mathematics, statistics, predictive modeling, IT . . . But, in a broader sense, this new generation of marketers also must be able to:

  • “Analyze data. Analysis and reporting are two different skills. It’s not enough for marketers to prepare year-end summaries or add up columns on a spreadsheet. Effective marketing now requires data analysis, the interpretation of inputs to generate actionable insights.”
  • “Collaborate. Marketers can no longer squirrel themselves away in their own department. Cross-disciplinary communication and cooperation are key, and marketing teams need people who can bridge gaps throughout the enterprise.”
  • “Think for the business. Analyzing data is essential, but analysis must be framed in the context of the business. Insights are only valuable if they drive revenue and top-line growth.”
  • “Roll up their sleeves. New hires must hit the ground running in a new marketing landscape. They need to question any remnants of old-school thinking and work to better define processes, consolidate practices, and improve performance.”
  • “Take a customer-centric approach. Marketers must elevate the customer experience so it’s compelling, personalized, and consistent across all touchpoints. Data collection, automated analysis, and targeted distribution will play even larger roles as customer insight and real-time analytics become increasingly important for competitive advantage.”

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5 Replies to “Key Skills for a Long-Term Successful Marketing Career”

  1. This article is interesting because it brings up a very interesting phenomenon. The need for well rounded individuals in organizations is now more than ever essential. A financial analyst for example need not only be good with numbers but also be able to communicate well and thoroughly his ideas to his/her peers. The competition is cut throat and only the crème de la crème will be hired. Companies don’t want to spend time training an employee on the essentials…Thus as college students we need to push ourselves and make sure that we not only focus on our field of study but also hone those interpersonal/communication/writing skills.

  2. I think Boehnlein’s observations are very interesting and insightful. It is essential that marketers think in a broad sense and cater to all different aspects of their work, as it is more effective than taking a narrow approach. I especially liked the point about taking a “customer-centric approach,” as it is always important to keep the customer in mind and do everything you can to make your product/business appealing to them. All of Boehnlein’s observations will help marketers to think ahead and gain a competitive advantage.

  3. Being a marketing major, this article gives me insight as to what I have to do, in a broad sense, in order to be successful later on in life. It reinforces the idea that I must work very hard in order to acquire an all around good job, and that I should always be on the lookout for new opportunities. Also, it explains that today’s new hires’ skills must be on a whole different level with the amount of competition in society. One must always be alert when on the professional field.

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