6 Replies to “How B2B Customers Behave on Social Media”

  1. I have always thought that LinkedIn is a more popular social media channel for B2B marketers, considering it is more business related and there are special interest groups. I struggled with a FB B2B strategy in a consulting project. Any good ideas professor?

      1. The goal was to expand a company’s market share and reach out to clients in other states. (from mostly Long Island to NJ). I made some suggestions about building a client list and generate new leads with LinkedIn, but wasn’t so sure about the best strategy on Facebook.

  2. Those are very interesting figures that we could use during an interview related to social media marketing. They also stand as the reason small/local companies start building their website on FB and promoting their products via tweeter.

  3. Extremely interesting how social media has taken off. I would think that Twitter has more interaction b2b as well as with the consumer, even though Facebook has twice as many users.

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