You wouldn’t do this would you? According to Forbes, “Harris Interactive conducted a survey on behalf of CareerBuilder among 2,298 hiring managers to unearth 12 of the most eccentric things employers have ever seen on résumés this year. For instance, one applicant wrote about her family being in the mob, while another candidate applying for an accounting job said he was ‘deetail-oriented’ and spelled the company’s name incorrectly.”

And are you aware of this, also from Forbes? “The study reveals one-in-five HR managers reported that they spend less than 30 seconds reviewing applications and around 40% spend less than one minute — so it’s possible that some applicants include outlandish or inappropriate content to stand out from the crowd of candidates. But there are more professional ways to get noticed.”

Click the photo to see  a slide show on outlandish résumé mistakes.


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