Some people and companies never seem to get the message — THINK before pressing enter on social media messages.
Here’s another example of really ill-advised behavior. How can a company use a tragedy in a promotional or “clever” (not to most observers) manner? The recent shootings in Colorado were tragic, horrifying, and upsetting. It makes us wonder about our times and our culture.
So, this tweeting behavior created quite a negative stir, and rightly so, as reported by Multichannel Merchant’s Erin Lynch, Tim Parry, and Jim Tierney: “Fashion retailer Celeb Boutique committed a major social media faux pas today. Hours after 12 people were killed and 59 people were injured in a mass shooting in an Aurora, CO movie theater, Celeb Boutique decided to joke about a related Twitter hashtag. The tweet from @celebboutique read ‘#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress 😉 Shop:[URL removed out of respect for the victims]’ Less than an hour after the tweet – and after hundreds of angry responses flooded Twitter – Celeb Boutique removed the offensive tweet and posted a 5-tweet apology. The retailer also pinned the blame on its non-U.S.-based public relations team.”
So, back to rule 1:  THINK before pressing enter on social media messages!
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