Are we really satisfied that social media firms “communicate one thing loud and clear: phone calls are over”? As Amy O’Leary reports in the New York Times: “Quora is a Web site that crowdsources answers to just about any question imaginable, including ‘What is the meaning of life?’ and ‘Is it possible to stick someone to the wall with Velcro?’ But anyone searching for a phone number for the company is out of luck. Not only is the number unlisted, but the very question ‘What is the phone number for Quora?’ has gone unanswered for months. Quora is not the only social technology company that presents an antisocial attitude to callers. Twitter’s phone system hangs up after providing Web or E-mail addresses three times. At the end of a long phone tree, Facebook’s system explains it is, in fact, ‘an Internet-based company.’ Try E-mail, it suggests.”

Click here for the full disillusioning story by O’Leary. Learn more about what your favorite social media companies are doing.

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