Here are some more tips on how to get the most out of your blog from a career perspective:

  1. Be sure that your blog is on a professional topic, which would encourage you to note the blog URL on your resume.
  2. Have a blog title that pertains to the blog’s focus.
  3. Include an “About” section at the top of your blog.
  4. Include categories for your posts.
  5. Have your posts build on one another and the overall theme of your blog. 
  6. Have at least 10 posts. A higher number will be recognized accordingly. The posts should be spaced out for the semester.
  7. Do not copy and paste excessive amounts of material from other sources.
  8. Even with a small quote or summary of information found elsewhere, you should always cite (reference) the original source.
  9. Make the posts visually attractive. Include photos or logos where appropriate. Give credit to the source of each photo; where possible, provide an embedded link in the photo (or the story where it appears).
  10. Clearly show YOUR value-added contributions to the posts in the blog and indicating why the posts are important within the context of your blog’s theme.


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