As reported by Brian Chen in the New York Times (click the link for the story),”Sometimes, all-you-can-eat does not mean all you can eat. Smartphone users who try to get the most out of their devices are learning exactly what that means, even while paying for plans that promise unlimited consumption. Some of the nation’s largest wireless phone companies are getting around those plans by slowing down a smartphone’s Internet transfer speeds for heavy users. The practice serves as a backdoor limit of data by making some downloads impossible.”

“The wireless companies say they are trying to find a fair way to manage the swelling demand for mobile data, but consumers are feeling cheated and suspect some carriers are trying to lure them into higher-cost data plans. ‘It’s like taking a Ferrari into a dealer, and you get it back, and it only goes 45 miles per hour, and you say, ‘What the heck, dude?’ ‘ said Matt Spaccarelli, who recently found his phone slowed. ‘And they say, ‘You’re going 100 miles per hour, and it’s too dangerous for you, but if you pay us more, we’ll let you go fast again.’ ”

“AT&T on Thursday clarified the limits of its unlimited data plan. It published a Web page describing what kind of data use might lead to customers’ data connections being slowed — or throttled, as the practice is known.”

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