Over the years, we have written on job interviews over 100 times. Nonetheless, there’s more advice to give. For example, how to handle tough interview questions about yourself. Many people have a great deal of trouble properly talking about themselves.


Tips on How to Handle Tough Interview Questions About Yourself

Yes, for many job candidates, “Tell me about yourself,” is an anxiety-provoking question. Largely because it is such an open-ended question. There are a wide variety of possible answers, involving education, work experience, one’s personality, self-motivation, etc. And candidates often have little idea about what the interviewer is looking for. 

Now, let us highlight a number of tips from Coley Gmeinder, writing for AngelList:

Many interviews include the prompt “Tell me about yourself.” Which can often leave candidates stumped. Answer this question with ease with these actionable steps about your present, past, and future career goals.

To help, we sourced expert insight from founders and hiring managers from a variety of industries to learn what they look for in candidates’ interview answers. Click the  links below to learn exactly how to answer the “Tell me about yourself” interview question with ease.

Next, review this checklist.

How to Handle Tough Interview Questions About Yourself

Example of a Suggested Answer for a Mid-level Employee with Good Experience

Since graduating from college, I’ve had seven years of experience as a data scientist. My last role at [company name] was as a principal researcher focusing on data mining utilizing R and Stata to analyze consumer data. I mastered my skills in interpreting data which would greatly benefit the team should I be granted the opportunity to work with you all. I hope to progress my career in the next few years by obtaining a Ph.D. in data science. And by gaining more expertise in the growing field of data analytics. For my career growth, this would allow me to gain experience in machine learning, analytics, and modeling. In order to help the company achieve groundbreaking research in data mining.

Example of a Suggested Answer for a Senior-level Employee with Significant Experience

I have been in the marketing industry for over ten years. Primarily focusing on account management and product marketing. My most recent role was working as a senior product marketing manager at [company name]. Where I would oversee our product marketing campaigns and manage a team of fifteen marketers.  This experience has allowed me to learn a great amount about what it takes to be a senior-level employee at a tech startup like yours. I hope to see myself progressing to a lead position. Where I can manage more individuals and create a greater impact. I also aim to be more hands-on in the startup space. Which is why I’m super interested in the product manager position with your company.”

“Tell Me About Yourself” Worksheet

AngelList provides a free worksheet to practice possible answers. Below is the beginning of the worksheet. For the full PDF, click here.

How to Handle Tough Interview Questions About Yourself.


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