Whether you are a seasoned product manager or a newbie, this post is for you. Product management terms to grasp.


From ProductPlan: Product Management Terms to Grasp

ProductPlan published “100+ Product Management Terms You Should Know.” A valuable source for any marketers. [Note: To access the full guide, click the title and complete the FREE login.]

The product profession has its own language. And it can be an odd one. If you’re new to the field, you’ve probably had the experience of hearing some mysterious phrase. “We should make a Kanban board for that.” Nodding your head in agreement, and then sneaking away to Google it.

Here’s the problem with that strategy. Product teams use lots of unusual
terms. Refactoring. Planning poker. Kano. Story point. If you’re not familiar with these phrases, you can’t keep pretending in meetings that you need to use the bathroom so you can go off and look them up.

But without a glossary of essential product management terms, how will you know which ones to learn as a proactive measure? That’s why we created this book.

A seasoned product manager feeling overwhelmed with new terms.
If you’ve been in the product game for years, you’ve probably noticed a lot of the common terms from your newbie days—MRDs, PRDs—have given way to concepts like lean and Scrum. That’s okay. Just tuck this book away and review our easy-to-read definitions when you can. You’ll understand what all the newbies are talking about in no time

A product management newbie. Keep this file handy and review a definition or two each time you have a few free moments. (We get it: you’re in the product profession, so those moments don’t happen often. Just find the time when you can.) Before long, you’ll have a strong knowledge of product management. Then you’ll only need to leave meetings for a bathroom break when you need the bathroom.

To access the guide, click the image.

Product Management Terms to Grasp

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