In early 2021, we first discussed NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as collectibles. In the months since then, we have seen marketers ramping up use of NFTs in their marketing strategies. At least in the short term, NFTS generate great experiential marketing excitement for customers.


Still Trending: Marketers Ramping Up Use of NFTs


As Advertising Age reports (and regularly updates):

In less than a year, the acronym NFT has gone from WTF to BFF for brands. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets like bitcoin, only they’re unique and irreplaceable, like owning an original work of art online. They utilize the same authentification technology as cryptocurrency and, similar to the digital dough, are still nebulous in their uses. While some NFTs hold monetary value, others link owners to communities or can even be worn digitallyStill confused? Read our guide to NFTs just below.

Marketers Ramping Up Use of NFTs
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Marketing and NFTs

Brands including Taco Bell, Crockpot, Campbell’s, and Twitter have leaped into the ever-popularizing market, with more joining them by the day. At this Web page, is a continually-updated list of new NFTs and how brands are adopting them in their marketing.

Here are two NFT marketing campaigns being offered.

The NFL turns tickets into NFTs. NFL fans can now receive complementary virtual commemorative tickets as an NFT. The limited-edition NFTs, done in collaboration with Ticketmaster, will be for those who attend select games from Thanksgiving through the end of the 2021 season. Customers must purchase tickets for select games through the NFL Ticketing Network to be eligible for an NFT ticket. They can access the NFT through a postgame email with a link to a dedicated NFL NFT marketplace, where fans can trade or sell them. A list of eligible games can be found here..

Budweiser markets NFTs.  In November, Budweiser became the first Anheuser-Busch InBev brand to enter the NFT business with its new “Heritage Collection.” It comprised 1,936 one-of-a-kind digital beer cans that retailed for hundreds of dollars each. With two different types of blockchain-based tokens. 1,900 “Core Heritage Cans,” priced at $499 each. And a much more limited run of 36 “Gold Heritage Cans,” going for $999 each. All of the digital collectibles sold out less than an hour after their release, netting Budweiser somewhere around $984,000.

Marketers Ramping Up Use of NFTs


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