This week, we begin our in-depth coverage of holiday shopping from both consumer and business perspectives. Already, we see significant holiday advertising. As well as revamped sales tactics such as “buy now, pay later.” A takeoff on the long-time layaway tactic. Hence, a key question.  Has holiday advertising 2021 started too early?

Today’s post builds upon .“Early Shopping Insights for the 2021 Holiday Season.”

Consumer Perspective: Has Holiday Advertising 2021 Started Too Early?

With so many holiday sales promotions going on, retailers seldom pause to ask how consumers feel about this barrage. Typically, when it comes to holiday promotions, many retailers fall into the more is better trap. 

Yet, new research indicates that some consumers may already be fed up with all the ads. And we haven’t even made it out of October. 

According to Adrianne Pasquarelli, reporting for Ad Age:

Despite warnings that people should begin holiday shopping sooner because of supply issues, a majority of consumers don’t want to see festive ads until after Thanksgiving,. As found in a new Ad Age-Harris Poll.

The poll found that more than two-thirds of U.S. adults, or 68%, agree that holiday marketing should not begin until at least Turkey Day. Yet more than half of those consumers surveyed said they have already seen at least one Christmas or holiday advertisement. With more than seven weeks to go until Christmas.

Recent weeks have seen early holiday ads from many brands. Because marketers want to  try to get ahead of expected inventory shortages. Due to delivery delays and labor problems. The next two weeks will see even more marketing. This is traditionally the time that big retailers such as Macy’s, Target, and Lowe’s debut holiday campaigns. Thereby hoping to boost sales for the crucial fourth quarter. Marketers such as Amazon and Home Depot have already released toy lists and holiday promotions tied to Black Friday.

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Has Holiday Advertising 2021 Started Too Early?
Credit: Bloomberg


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