Each year, we anticipate upcoming marketing trends. As we did for 2021. Today, we begin looking ahead to marketing in 2022.

Two Areas of Interest: Looking Ahead to Marketing in 2022

In this post, we highlight two infographics: (a) must-try marketing activities and (b) content marketing predictions.

Must-Try Marketing Activities

Kelsie Rimmer reports on 8 must-try actions  for Envato:

It seems like only yesterday we scheduled our campaign calendars. And predicted upcoming marketing trends for 2021. Yet, we are on the cusp of 2022! As everyone begins mapping out their 2022 marketing plans. It’s the perfect time to dust off our crystal balls. And predict what will shape the industry over the coming year.

To do so, we must consider many contributing factors. Such as the continuing impact of the global pandemic. The growth of platforms like TikTok. And the rise of the creator economy. 

Ready to explore the future of marketing? From hybrid events to customer-driven content, we present the top marketing trends we predict for 2022. For a bite-sized read, check out our Marketing Trends Infographic below!

Looking Ahead to Marketing in 2022

Content Marketing Predictions

For this topic, we turn to Red Web Site Design:

Are you considering your content strategy for the year ahead? Thereby needing some facts and figures to help you form and execute your campaigns? Next, in the following infographic, we share the content marketing stats you need to know.

Encompassing FORTY-THREE statistics in all.

Looking Ahead to Marketing in 2022


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