Now that the pandemic is rapidly declining, we see new opportunities for marketing jobs.

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Great News from LinkedIn: New Opportunities for Marketing Jobs

At this crucial time, LinkedIn is producing some terrific information. Just last month, we referred to LinkedIn’s Top Employers for 2021.

Today, we look at the changing landscape for marketing. As reported by LinkedIn’s Connie Chen:

To get a clear read on the marketing landscape and its evolving nature in modern times, it can be helpful to analyze hiring and job listing trends. This allows us to understand how the function is changing. In addition to which skills are rising in demand. At LinkedIn, we have unique insight into this data, and our recent deep dive uncovered some nuggets that shine an encouraging light on the short-term and long-term future of the profession.

Disruptive events, like a pandemic and economic recessions, often take a negative toll on hiring demand. But marketing has seen the opposite impact. Businesses recognize a need to innovate and differentiate in the way they reach potential customers. Thus, they are looking to their marketing departments to help drive that innovation. On LinkedIn, we’ve seen a 63% increase in marketing jobs over the past six months. In total, more than 380,000 marketing job listings were posted over the past year. Other research backs up this trend. According to The CMO Survey’s annual report, about 72% of marketers reported that the importance of marketing in their companies increased during the last year. 

We’ve put together an infographic to show how the marketing industry has fared during the pandemic. [Synthesized  by Social Media Today]

New Opportunities for Marketing Jobs


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