As we know, the top athletes in the world are not only popular. They are also well-paid. Previously, we looked at the 2018 World’s Most Popular Athletes. And today, we consider who are the top athlete endorsers?

Interestingly, the number one endorser in 2017 remains on top today.  [Here’s a hint: Tennis on Google Android 9.0]


Globally, Who Are the the Top Athlete Endorsers?

Around the world, the best-earning athletes often earn more from endorsements than from playing their sports. Sometimes, significantly more! Take the case of tennis superstar Roger Federer. And his endorsement earnings in the twilight of his career. [In August 2019, he turned 38.]

According to Felix Richter, reporting for Statista:

“When Roger Federer stepped on the Center Court at Wimbledon for his first round match last year, many spectators had to look twice. Then realized it was indeed the Swiss maestro stepping onto the court. It wasn’t a new haircut or a beard that threw them off,. But instead, Federer’s unfamiliar outfit. For the first time in his professional career, the Swiss maestro wasn’t dressed in Nike. Rather, Federer wore gear made by the Japanese brand Uniqlo. Why? A deal that reportedly nets him $300 million over the span of 10 years.”

“A deal of that volume is probably unprecedented for an athlete at Federer’s age and stage in his career. However, thanks to his sustained success and his demeanor off and (mostly) on the tennis court, Federer is almost universally beloved. Which is probably why Uniqlo (and many other companies) decided to sign him regardless of his age. As the following chart illustrates, no other athlete made more money with endorsement deals over the past year than Federer did. According to Forbes, his partnerships with companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, Barilla (pasta), Wilson, Uniqlo, and others netted him $86 million in the 12 months ending June 1, 2019. Accordingly, this dwarfed his prize money earnings of $7.4 million over the same period.”

The Statista chart shows who else earns big endorsement bucks.

Who Are the the Top Athlete Endorsers?

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  1. I would agree that Roger’s new outfit garnered much media attention and a lot of conversation. Though, we should take into account the decision that Roger made in choosing Uniqlo is said to collaborate far beyond his tennis playing days. In other words, the relationship is built on more depth than his his “beloved” attributes. Then again, Roger’s winning streak is unmatched in comparison to the competitors listed in Statisa report.

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