Earlier, we examined How Would You Rate YOUR Standard of Living? Now, we look at another topic of interest as we progress in our careers: Where U.S. jobs pay more — a key factor to consider. 

And as YOU should already know, LinkedIn Really Affects Job Searches.

LinkedIn Survey: Where U.S. Jobs Pay More

Annually, LinkedIn studies the U.S. job marketplace. Also, it offers an excellent current job salary tool. Click here.

As Yingxu (Missy) Chen reports for LinkedIn:

“While this year’s LinkedIn Top Companies are in industries as diverse as accounting and entertainment, they all have job titles that crossover. Whether a business analyst, software engineer or marketing manager, there’s a role inside one of these employers for almost everyone. The question job seekers most want to know? What does that job pay.”

“We uncovered some of the most common job titles among this year’s Top Companies and looked into our LinkedIn Salary tool to understand what the average pay is in the U.S. as well as in the highest paying cities around the country. We reveal what you can expect to earn in these roles, on average.”

Here are a couple of examples from LinkedIn of marketing-related MEDIAN job earnings by location.

Where U.S. Jobs Pay More

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