Excellence in global marketing strategies should be a goal for all firms with an international presence. Therefore, in this post, we deal with how to do better.

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Excellence in Global Marketing Strategies

HubSpot identifies these 13 companies as having excellent global marketing strategies. Click the chart to learn why these firms rate as excellent. And be sure to view the video below.

Excellence in Global Marketing Strategies

As Hannah Fleishman reports for HubSpot:

“Global marketing is the act of focusing a product on the needs of potential buyers in other countries. Typically, a global marketing strategy requires a business to do new market research. Identify countries where the business’s product might be successful. AND then localize the brand to reflect the needs of those communities. Easier said than done, right?”

“Like most types of marketing, though, a global marketing strategy comes down to one thing: audience. Knowing who needs your product, in what form to deliver it to them, and how to do it in a way that strengthens the brand are core ingredients of awesome global marketing.To give you an idea of what a great global marketing strategy looks like, we’ve compiled a list of brands that totally ‘get it.’ From adapting their social strategies to translate across multiple languages to adjusting their menus to appeal to the cravings of a diverse group of people, these brands are taking positive steps toward creating a solid presence across the globe. So, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to craft a successful international marketing strategy and expand your business’ reach, check out the examples in this post from 13 successful companies.”


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