Yesterday, we highlighted the advertising plans for this Sunday’s Super Bowl game. Here, we have a fun look look at cupcakes from NFL Players.

Unusual Product Positioning: Cupcakes from NFL Players

Recently, the budding venture of two NFL players has received a lot of media coverage. Well, they were/are NFL players. And that normally gathers attention. But, in addition, their sideline business is making and selling donuts. Yes, donuts. Their promotions are fun and funny. As you will see below.

Kia Morgan-Smith, writing for Entrepreneur, provides some background:

“Big guys making little cupcakes isn’t something you see often. But two professional football players have teamed up to whip up the tasty treats as co-owners of a Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise in Bee Cave, Texas KVUE reports. The career change seems a little unorthodox for former Tennessee Titans player Michael Griffin and current Titans linebacker Brian Orakpo. Yet, it’s a pretty sweet match-up for the football players turned franchise owners. They wanted a plan to support their life after playing in the league.”

Then, the two players linked up with Griffin’s childhood friend to round out their plan to purchase a franchise and launched Gigi’s Cupacakes in Bee Cave. ‘We didn’t want to just jump out with something we were unfamiliar with, Griffin told KVUE. “This was something simple. And one thing we realized is no matter what everybody had a birthday every year and people always celebrate with cupcakes. It’s just like when you play football. The repetitiveness allows you to come in a knock it out quickly.”

“The men said they have to learn everything about operating a cupcake business and things seemed to be booming so much so that they’ve now opened up a shop in Austin, Texas.”

Now, chuckle at this video.

Finally, take a look at their ad with Surface Pro.

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