Wearables Not Just for Younger Folks. An interesting title, right? 🙂 Well, we are witnessing a huge growth in wearables among older adults.

To begin, look at these two prior posts on physical activities and wearables: How Physically Active Are YOU? And Exciting New Wearables Coming!

From your perspective, how important are wearables to you? In the future, will this change?


New eMarketer Study: Wearables Not Just for Younger Folks

According to new eMarketer research, the demographics of wearables users are evolving. In fact, the greatest growth appears among older adults:

“If you’re still looking for a holiday gift for a parent or grandparent, a wearable device could be well-received. Americans 55 and older are the fastest-growing group of electronic wearable users in the U.S. As reported by eMarketer’s latest wearables forecast, largely due to the devices’ enhanced health features.”

“In 2019, 8.2 million Americans age 55 and older will use a wearable device, up more than 15% over this year. While the group still represents a small share of users, it has the highest growth rate among all age groups. In fact, eMarketer has increased its projections for older Americans due to faster-than-expected adoption of wearable devices.”

Wearables Not Just for Younger Folks


5 Replies to “Wearables Not Just for Younger Folks”

  1. I think that wearable devices are actually good for the elders. As wearable devices are easy to bring them with you anywhere you want, and they are stable, the older people who are not very sophisticated with new devices will like to use the wearable ones better.

  2. The fact that people thought that wearable devices were exclusive to the youth is insane. I think that it’s awesome that the older generation are starting to wear it a lot more. It will be a lot more valuable to them because it shows literally every bit of information that you’d want to find on your wrist without having the need to find your cellphone or any device thats used to pair with it. Older people who aren’t exactly “tech savvy” will love this.

  3. I believe wearable devices will continue to increase because they are very convenient for elders. The health features are a bonus for wearable devices because it can help elders keep track of their movement/ daily goals. As products advance, elders who are not as tech savvy will be accompanied by easy to use wearable devices.

  4. The accessibility to the Internet for the elderly people became more common nowadays. So the online shopping became a new habit for them as maybe they don’t have enough energy and to go around shops. So, this growth is expected.

  5. As the rise of technology increases, more and more generations are becoming active on social media and in purchasing tech items such as tech wearbables. These wearable devices such as fitbits and apple watches, have numerous health benefits as well. These health benefits include counting steps, measuring heart rate and many more, these aspects attract older generations.

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