Last year, we reported on worldwide broadband speeds. According to that post, the United States ranked only 21st. And Singapore and Sweden had the fastest broadband speeds among the 189 nations examined. For today’s post, we look at the countries with the fastest mobile Internet speeds. As with last year’s research, the U.S. scores only so-so.

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2018 Study Results: Countries with the Fastest Mobile Internet Speeds

With regard to mobile Internet speeds, Sarah Feldman reports the following for Statista:

“Norway had the fastest mobile download speed, coming in at 67.17 megabits per second (Mbps). Iceland came in a close second with 67.05 Mbps. The United States came in a distant 43rd with an average download speed of 30.49 Mbps. To stream Netflix in Ultra HQ quality, a person needs access to 25 Mbps.”

“According to an analysis by Ookla, the fastest and most consistent carriers across the United States was T-Mobile followed closely by Verizon. T-Mobile has been expanding their LTE coverage, particularly to unserved areas, giving them an edge over Verizon. Download speeds are expected to change greatly in the next year as 5G comes closer to a reality. Despite these advances, the United States still has a ways to go to capture the mobile speed top countries, like Norway and Iceland currently possess.”

The challenge for the United States is clear!!

Countries with the Fastest Mobile Internet Speeds

3 Replies to “Countries with the Fastest Mobile Internet Speeds”

  1. It is surprising that the well-develop country such as U.S. is ranked quite low here. As technology development goes on hand in hand with economic development, U.S. should focus more on the improvement of its internet’s quality and speed. Plus, these days, internet is essential for doing many things in our daily tasks.

  2. In today’s day and age, having a mobile device that has internet connection anywhere we go is very important. Our devices are always coming in handy when we are on the go trying to use them for more than just simple calling or texting. Using the Internet on our phones has become a huge necessity and something we have become a costumed to, so it is interesting to see that the U.S is ranked so low compared to the other countries. Different carriers should find ways to improve our numbers and increase our downloading speed in order to increase efficiency of having the access to the mobile internet.

  3. I was very shocked to see that the United States only ranked at number 43 for highest internet speeds. I was also surprised to see Norway ranked as number 1 with speeds more than double the US. However it does not shock me that countries all over the world are working on bettering their network speeds, since technology plays a huge role in our society today. Having access to fast internet is turning into a necessity in many peoples lives.

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