Small businesses need to work hard to maximize their results. For them, it’s an especially competitive environment out there. So, what can they do to be better?  They should engage in personalizing your small business.

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Infographic Tips for Personalizing Your Small Business

The material below is authored by Jessica Leone. And the infographic comes from Valpak.

In a market where seemingly everything exists, between subscription boxes and unique services, it can be difficult to differentiate. Particularly, if you are operating a small business among the big guys. Thus, consider: what is it that makes your business unique? Take that answer and apply it to the concept of personalization.

Customers crave customization and personalization more so than ever. Market and advertise your business directly to your customer’s biggest pain point. By personalizing not only your service or product but the customer experience as a whole, customers will feel more connected to your business. Customers that share values or feel connected to your business will be more likely to return and refer you to their inner circle. For 7 tips on how to personalize your business and specific examples from companies like Nike or Walmart, check out the infographic below.

Personalizing Your Small Business

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  1. As mentioned in previous blog posts, supporting small businesses are much more beneficial and rewarding than supporting big businesses and companies who run on the measures of profit. Small businesses, especially in local towns, are able to support the community in which they are located. Small businesses have a personal impact as there are opportunities to make personal relationships and connections which could last and create long term business connections. Customizable options are also a prominent feature of these stores where customers can choose what they want, with a better selection than the big stores. Supporting small businesses is the better option for supporting communities and the local towns they are in and the people who are represented in them.

  2. I think that this could be a really valuable tool for small business owners and new entrepreneurs to take a look at. This chart provided clear and direct guidelines about simple steps people can take to improve their business. As someone who works in retail for a very large company I can tell you that we are very successful at every category covered on this, and because of that we are largely profitable. Therefore, I suggest people who are just starting a business should also ensure they are stressing growth in every one of these categories.

  3. It is extremely important for small businesses to be unique in order to attract customers. They heavily rely on their marketing strategies and being personable. I agree that small businesses have to work even harder due to all the other bigger business and competition that exists. On the other hand, small business could connect with their costumers on a deeper level and find ways to gain their trust so they could be their regular costumers and by word of mouth help the business gain more costumers.

  4. I think it is very important for a small business to find ways to be unique and personable to attract costumers. Word of mouth is a big way for people to find out about such businesses, but in order for people to share positive experiences, the business needs to be remarkable. The infographic is very helpful and displays easy ways for small business to have repeat costumers and expand, reaching out to other people. Employing such strategies and tactics would lead to greater success and not make the small business feel like such an outcast compared to the bigger businesses.

  5. It is significant for small businesses to follow clear marketing guidelines to build their business. Small businesses make you feel more welcomed rather than large companies because they get to know you and your needs. Being able to give your customer exactly what they want, which is not always available at other places, will bring them back and refer others to your store. Everyone should support their local businesses and small companies should be able to differentiate themselves in order to gain more business.

  6. Small businesses are an integral part of the U.S. economy. Close to 50 percent of the people are employed by small business whether they engage in retail and sell products and provide services directly or are a part of an intermediary chain. Keep customers satisfied is really important for small businesses as that is how they retain customers. I agree with the info graph as it provides a lot of integral information for maintaining a profit generating small business.

  7. It is a great strategy for small businesses to become personalized. As the size of the company is not very big it gives the filling of uniqueness and exclusiveness to the customer. Also the product personalization can build up a very strong relationships with the buyer and further develop brand loyalty.

  8. This visual chart provides numerous great initiatives and steps a small business owner can take to improve their business and have a greater presence in the community. A few of the steps focus on creating a customer bond, by creating creating superior service with remembering names. Other steps include creating a social media presence and other ways to differentiate themselves. These can be extremely helpful for newer businesses who want to gain attention.

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