To succeed in the long run, customer loyalty is a must. Yet, it may not necessarily be attainable. Thus, what tactics increase customer loyalty?

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What Tactics Increase Customer Loyalty

Take a look at three posts on customer loyalty from eMarketer.

Loyalty Programs Need to Provide Consumers More Information

“Many consumers are into loyalty programs — because they can get something, like discounts and special offers. But to get to there, they must accumulate a certain amount of points or rewards. And according to new data, many don’t know how much they have accrued at any time. Indeed, 18% of U.S. Internet users surveyed by 3Cinteractive said they don’t know how many points they have for their favorite brand. And another 52% said they weren’t sure.”

What Tactics Increase Customer Loyalty

Shortcomings of Loyalty Programs

“Consumers like loyalty programs, but they have complaints. A major one is the hassle of accessing rewards. In a February 2018 survey from mobile coupon solution provider CodeBroker, 54% of U.S. loyalty program members said it’s frustrating when programs can’t be easily accessed on smartphones. Or when an app download is required.”

“More than five in 10 respondents agreed that without easily accessible programs, rewards often go unused or expire. Of those polled, 37% prefer accessing loyalty program information, such as balance or redemption details, via a periodic text message. Some 28% rely on a mobile app.”

What Tactics Increase Customer Loyalty

Speed a Must for Loyalty Programs

“According to an  Oracle February 2018 survey, consumers want fast or even immediate reward service. In essence, many look for instant gratification from their loyalty programs. Almost nine in 10 of the Internet users surveyed worldwide would welcome an individualized experience. In that case, retailer would automatically suggest, or even order, products for its loyalty program members based on a personal profile.”

“In fact, 72% of those polled would be interested in a loyalty program that involved no effort. Instead of managing rewards, promotions or discounts would be automatically applied to a purchase without consumer action.”

What Tactics Increase Customer Loyalty


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  1. Do companies still believe that there is any value in customer loyalty anymore? If they do, why customer service is on a sharp decline and loyalty programs devalued?

  2. To be honest, most of the time I do not trust customer loyalty incentives. Although it is attractive that we can get rewards, discounts, or benefits, we still need to spend a lot of money first. Also, similar to most of the consumers’ complaints, I don’t like if I am required to download an app which will occupy space on my phone. It is essential to know that consumers want to get benefits, but companies also want to earn money.

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