As we show below, many of our posts deal with building better resumes. Now, let us highlight resume templates from Novo Resume. It is one of many firms that specialize in resume templates.

Build a better resume. Three posts:


Resume Templates from Novo Resume

As Novo Resume notes:

Why Should I Use a Resume Template? By using the following resume templates, your chances of getting called for a job interview will be increased since they have been approved by recruiters and employers.”

To provide good service, Novo Resume divides its templates into two categories. For those with 0 to 5 years of work experience. And for those with more than 5 years of work experience.

In order to give applicants more choices, Novo Resume offers several types of templates:

Functional To focus on the work experience and skills you developed in the last 10 years.”

Modern — “To focus on your achievements during your work at previous firm and your impact on its overall performance.”

Simple “To cater to those with extensive experience in conservative industries such as banking or law.”

Creative — “For people applying for jobs in young companies or startups that highly value creative and innovation skills.”

Basic — “For use in both classic and creative industries. Easily personalized for whichever industry you apply for.”

Professional — “To increase chances of getting your dream job with templates devised in collaboration with multiple recruiters.”

College — “For students applying for internships or jobs looking to more than 1-page resumes.

Executive — “When applying for positions that require more than five years of relevant work experience.”

Resume Templates from Novo Resume

Novo Resume offers basic and premium plans, as shown here.

Resume Templates from Novo Resume

11 Replies to “Resume Templates from Novo Resume”

  1. Building a resume has to be one of the most stressful activities of applying to jobs for me. I am sometimes hesitant on changing formats, because as I meet different people I learn that each individual has a very specific idea of what they expect to see in terms of resume format. I really like the idea of the separate resume formats for people with 0-5 years work experience and more than five years of work experience. The “9 Deadliest CV Mistakes” Infographic will be very helpful to me the next time I am sitting over my resume for a job application. How can we determine the most appropriate type of template to use (functional, creative, etc.)? What is most appropriate for our age and career level – or is this more based on the company we are applying to? The spelling and grammar point made is something I spend a lot of time on. I send my resume to a number of different people with different education and career levels for spelling and grammar checks because I know this might be automatic “no” if someone sees an error like that on my resume.

  2. Having a Resume is essential, but having a perfect resume is very important in today’s society, where hundreds of people are competing for the same job. The different formats of the resume are helpful based on the industry you are applying and the work experience you have had in the past. The post was really helpful for me, since it enable me to learn different formats that I can use while making a perfect resume and applying for the jobs.

  3. Resume is important for those people applying for not only internships but also new jobs. The post was very helpful that it gave a detailed introduction of resume service. I usually use simple template of my resume to apply for jobs in the U.S. Howerver, my friends in China told me that they preferred to add photos in resume. So we may need to pay attention to different requirements of resume while applying for jobs in other countries.

  4. Resume is very important for those people applying for new jobs and internships. This post was helpful that it introduce a good resume service and showed many detailed resume templates. I usually use simple format of my resume while applying for internships in the U.S. However, my friends in China told me that they prefer to add photos in resume. So we may need to pay attention to different requirements of resume while applying for jobs in other countries.

  5. Resumes are a very important tool used for career jobs and internships in the future. This article is a great way to show just how important resumes are, and also shows different ways to make yours stand out among the highly competitive job field in today’s society.

  6. Resumes are important as a means of listing your experience in education and work. However, it often seems an exercise in style over substance. It’s more important to list relevant experience than to worry about what kinds of paper and colors are being used, or the font type, etc. I’ve spoken with human resources in different jobs I have worked and they all say all that is important is that the resume is neat, no typos, and the experience and education match the job requirement.

  7. I totally understand the appeal of this program as building a professional template for a resume is difficult and time consuming. Personally, I like the idea that the people with less than 5 years of work experience get a template that would work for them, as it might be tough to have enough material to build an effective resume. I used a program such as this one before, and really enjoyed how simple it was to use. Also these templates make you not over fill your resume by adding material that does not matter as much.

  8. Personally, I tend to focus more on what I have written on my resume rather than how it’s presented so I found this post to be very helpful. For example, I’ve used the same template for the past three years. After looking at the different templates Novo Resume offers, I realize that an attractive and well organized resume really enhances the presentation of a person’s experiences and skills. I will definitely be referencing these templates over the next few days in preparation for Career Fairs and interviews in the future.

  9. I think it is great that these templates are out there. The issue for so many people and their resume is starting it. With these templates all you have to do is fill in your information. It is also nice that there are so many different kinds, and different ones for different years of work experience. Depending on what company you are applying for determines if you choose something more traditional or modern, and how detailed you want to be. Having the templates makes it a less stressful process, and knowing they have been approved by professionals is reassuring knowing that you are going to make less mistakes and have a better overall look to your resume.

  10. This article is very useful and important for us who what to apply a job after graduate. resume plays a very important role in our job application process. some people do that pretty well, some of them even have different versions of their resume just for different position. It’s a good start for us to begin thinking about our career. Very impressive.

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