As we each seek to carve out our place in the world, we sometimes must fight stereotypes. For that reason, our self-branding efforts are crucial. [See, for example, Write YOUR Own Unique Personal Brand Story, Best and Worst Workplaces for Women Executives, and Social Media Stereotypes: Ouch!]. Today, we look at Land O’Lakes breaking stereotypes.


About Land O’Lakes

From its Who We Are page:

“In 1921, we formed the Land O’Lakes Dairy Co-op with the belief that we’re better when we work together. Today, we’re 1,791 dairy farmers strong. Land O’Lakes has a long history of working together to innovate. Our new campaign helps extend that story, demonstrate our values, and give back to the community. Hunger disproportionately affects women and 3.1 million food insecure households are led by single women. That’s why Land O’Lakes and the Land O’Lakes Foundation have partnered with Feeding America to donate $1 for every “She-I-O” music video share, up to $100,000.”

“When most people think of farmers, they often picture men. But in reality, 30% of US farming is done by women. To celebrate our female farmers who are rewriting the rules of farming, we worked with Nashville’s Americana-soul powerhouse Maggie Rose to rewrite the most famous song about farming, ‘Old MacDonald.'”


Land O’Lakes Breaking Stereotypes

As Land O’Lakes reports at its blog:

“Our Dairy Foods business is kicking off a new LAND O LAKES brand campaign, All Together Better, that does just that with a new song and video called, ‘She-I-O.’ Songstress Maggie Rose and songwriter Liz Rose collaborated to re-imagine the song ‘Old MacDonald,’ introducing ‘She-I-O,’ a rousing anthem for a new generation that celebrates inclusion and champions women, just in time for Women’s Equality Day on August 26).”


3 Replies to “Land O’Lakes Breaking Stereotypes”

  1. It is 2018 and there are still stereotypes in the world. If you think of a coach for a professional baseball, basketball, or football team, you most likely think of a male. Becky Hammon, was the second female assistant in the NBA history. She was also the first women to interview for a head coach job in the NBA. Women have made great strides but this is a perfect example of how we are just not there yet. My mom, was named the first chair person of the United Way on Long Island. It took until 2018 for the United Way to have a women chair leading their board.

  2. I feel as though when it comes to food, people don’t think about where it comes from. However, if we pictured farmers, this article is correct in thinking the first thought is associated solely to males. If women are included in the thought, it is probably in conjunction with their husband. It is commendable that Land O’Lakes is doing this to break this stereotype and bring attention to all the women who put in the hard work of farming who receive slim to no credit for it. It’s another definitely another step in recognizing women for the hard work they perform.

  3. I had never seen the advertisement or music video before; I wish it had been promoted more. Since it’s important to show that women can run prominently male industries. This will attract a larger consumer base as more individuals will be able to relate with the company subsequently wanting to purchase the product.

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