At Evans on Marketing, we have presented about 75 posts through May 11. Today, we cite our most popular 2018 posts to date. If you haven’t read them, please do. As you will see, they cover a wide variety of topics.


Our Most Popular 2018 Posts

In 2018, these are Evans on Marketing’s 10 most popular posts. To access a post, just click its title:

(1) Matching Your Resume to the Job You know what employers hate about all the resumes they receive? In fact, 1 in 3 recruiters auto-reject generic resumes. Therefore, does one-size-fits-all work? Nope, one-size-fits-you.

Our Most Popular 2018 Posts -- Number 1

(2) Useful Free TrendWatching Resources — TrendWatching offers a number of FREE resources. And here we cite just some of them. As an ongoing resource, TrendWatching publishes a quarterly newsletter.

(3) Social Media Marketing Tips — As we know, social media tips come in many formats. And these include infographics and other tools. As part of its efforts, Hongkiat (HKDC), HKDC publishes “tips, tricks, techniques, tutorials, recommendations, and freebies that Web designers, bloggers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs and Web developers would love.” In this post, several infographics appear.

(4) Professions Perceived as Ethical and Unethical — For several years, Gallup has polled the American public to learn how the ethics of 22 different professions are perceived.

Our Most Popular 2018 Posts -- Number 4

(5) 2018 Projected Global Wage Growth — Wage growth will be mixed. And this goes for the U.S. and other  Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development nations.

(6) Comparing Customer Satisfaction Assessment Tools — Many customer satisfaction tools exist. And let’s learn about some of them. In this post, we present SEVEN examples.

(7) How to Better Deal with Difficult People — Research shows that getting along with the people is important — for your firm’s productivity and your own happiness and fulfillment.

(8) Best Business Books to Read in 2018 — What are the best business books to read in 2018? We present links to many “best” business book lists. So, start reading a book that interests you.

(9) Mobile Marketing Automation — With the rapid rise in mobile media usage, marketers must optimize their automated tools.

(10) 2018 Marketing Budget Strategies — As a rule, tt’s never too early to start working on your budget strategy for the year.

Our Most Popular 2018 Posts -- Number 10

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