Here’s a good topic for you to consider. Starting and finishing YOUR work day. What you do when first arriving at work? And what do you do when ending your work day?

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Starting and Finishing Your Work Day

According to Meredith Wood, writing for Fundera (a financial services firm):

“How you start and end your work day can affect your productivity. And your overall performance at the office. Both entrepreneurs and busy professionals can benefit from establishing an intentional schedule for their morning and end-of-work routines. Being mindful of your work habits can help you assess how you are spending your time. And allow you to identify opportunities for improvement. Working smarter, not harder, means making simple shifts to your day that can have a big impact on how you feel and the work that you produce.”

“Adding key changes to the first and last moments of your work day can help you get more done. And facilitate better work-life balance. Spending time in the morning thinking about what you want to do to stay focused through the day. By intentionally logging out of work E-mail at the end of the day, you can enter your evening focused on outside-of-work passions. And the people that matter most to you. Also, you’ll start your next day feeling much more refreshed.”

“Instead of focusing on not having enough time to get everything you need done, try shifting your mindset. Make a few simple tweaks to your day to help you build habits that allow you to be the best professional you can be.”

The following infographic from Fundera provides several tips. Try them out and start/end your work day better.

Starting and Finishing Your Work Day

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  1. This is great advice for setting up your day intentionally! I always love having reminders like this to help us stay on track with our progress 🙂

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