Given the fact that (on average) people are living longer — and that the recent recession affected millions of workers’ retirement savings, many people are working longer. As a result, employers and employees must deal with a more multi-generational work force.

Recently, MetLife ran a paid post online with the NY Times on the topic of the multi-generational work place:

“It’s a new workplace. Technological advancements, generational shifts, and fundamental changes in the way we do business are a few forces behind a new work environment. For the first time in history, four distinct generations work side by side, making employees and their expectations of employers more diverse. A paycheck is no longer enough: Workers want more meaningful relationships with the organizations that employ them.”

“In this short video series, T Brand Studio and MetLife worked with industry experts to provide insight into the deeper motivations that drive employee engagement and happiness. With the right guidance and tools, any organization can keep its employees happy and engaged, resulting in a productive workplace and a healthy work force.”



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