This year, Hofstra University is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its recognition of the business school as a distinct entity within the University, hence “Zarb at 50.” One of the anniversary events comprised well-attended videotaped presentations by President Rabinowitz and five distinguished alumni, followed by a reception.

We are making the videos available in three ways: (1) We are posting 6 separate videos over the next couple of weeks that are divided by speaker. (2) At the Hofstra YouTube channel, a special playlist with each of the separate presentations is available. Click here. (3) At the Hofstra YouTube channel is the entire 1.5 hour event in one video. Click here.

Today, we are highlighting the introduction and overview video segment by President Stuart Rabinowitz, JD. His vision for the future encompasses wonderful things ahead for the Zarb School of Business. President Rabinowitz has headed Hofstra University for the past 15 years. Previously, he served as Dean of the Hofstra University School of Law (now known as the Maurice A. Dean School of Law). President Rabinowitz has held positions with a number of important government and community organizations, including the Judicial Advisory Council of the State of New York Unified Court System, County of Nassau. He currently serves as a member of the board of directors for the Long Island Association, and as co-vice chair of the Long Island Regional Economic Development Committee.


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  1. I was there at the event, was inspired by the four leaders’ speech. Especially Mr. Mike Venuti’s new beverage products were so attractive.

      1. Because every speaker has a theme of their speech, they talk about passion with the career, the creative thinking, and what female should be doing in our business field. They all very smart people, and they taught me to have a clear mind about how to choose my career and be organized with my career step by step. 🙂

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