Hofstra University‘s Zarb of School of Business is offering two different study abroad programs during summer 2016 — in China and Germany. There are opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, the Zarb School has international exchange programs with a number of universities.

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2016 Zarb Study Abroad Poster

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  1. In theory, studying abroad sounds like a great idea. College is one of those few stages in life where you can literally just pick up and relocate for a while. However, the reality of studying abroad is that it is quite the investment. While the flyers seem to give a general overview, they neglect to describe the costs involved with spending a summer in a foreign county. My opinion is that not only should Hofstra be offering these extensive opportunities, but also efficient ways to pay for them so that they are open to everyone. This is something that should apply to all schools, so that studying abroad is something everyone can get to experience. It seems that all the glamour of the opportunity overshadows the financial strain it involves.

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