This NOT a sale pitch. If you already shop at Amazon, there is now an easy way to give to charity. Amazon Smile is a rather new application that costs nothing to join or use when shopping. Through Amazon Smile, a 1/2% donation is made to the charity you choose when you shop. You can type in any charity you want. [Just type in the name of the charity instead of selecting one of the recommended ones.] 🙂

To learn more about Amazon Smile, click here. To sign up for Amazon Smile, click here.

Note: Amazon Smile works if you are a Prime member too at no cost to you.


Eligible charities may also sign up to participate in Amazon Smile. Click here to get more information.


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  1. This sounds like an excellent idea and I am shocked to have never heard of it before! People are constantly shopping online so it makes sense to have a donation option built in to the process. We all want simplicity in every aspect of life, (which is why shopping without leaving our homes is such a popular activity) so if we can make a contribution with the click of a button, why not? My only concern is spreading the word about Amazon Smile. I shop on the website several times a week and have never come across a single ad or link to this option while making a purchase. I feel that better marketing by just letting customers know that this is an opportunity can make it even more successful!

  2. I have been shopping in Amazon and never knew about this. Amazon Smile will create a good reputation due to this application. Plus, as people are regularly purchasing from Amazon donating to people will become easier. One does not have to pay extra, rather just need to use this website for purchasing.

  3. It is a great idea for Amazon to operate such program. It not only provides an opportunity for consumers to do something good, but also increases Amazon’s reputation. Since online shopping becomes more popular than before, such option like AmazonSmile will prompt people to buy products in Amazon. However, Amazon still needs to work on their marketing to spread their new program. For example, they can post some advertisements on to let more people know their new application.

      1. I love this idea of Amazon smile. As a consumer, this makes me want to sign up for a prime account to help donate to a charity. This makes Amazon stand out from the typical online shopping websites. Amazon is showing that they care about their consumers and the people in need in the world. The fact that its also free and its optional to pick any charity we want makes it more personalized. It a great and heart-warming project and this will boost up Amazons customer reviews as a website in whole. Love this idea!

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