Hofstra graduate Emily Miethner is the founder of FindSpark, “a community dedicated to setting up every young professional for career success. We’re here to inspire you and give you the tools and resources you need to discover and follow your passions, meet great people, and push you to be the best you can be.”

One of the tools recently developed by FindSpark is an interview checklist. Check it out.
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  1. These interview tips are really helpful and applicable to any student. I am the type of person that constantly worries about whether I am making an impression or not. Being blindsided by a minor inconvenience would make me even more fearful of my interview. This checklist makes you aware of what to expect so that you are more prepared for various possibilities. Being prepared, even slightly, will without a doubt alleviate a lot of an interviewer’s stress.

  2. I personally think this is a great idea; as graduates we will need to know tips on how to succeed in during the interview process. Sometimes we tend to stress and overwhelm ourselves, when we need to realize that individuals go through this process on a daily basis and that it isn’t as bad as we think it is. Also, being that a Hofstra alum founded this tool to help others, makes her very relatable.

  3. These tips are very helpful, and I never saw many of those suggestions before. Many of tips for interviews are similar, basically teaching us how to answer interview questions. These tips above are more detailed checklists. I think sometimes details are the most significant things that can distinguish you and other competitors, because all people will prepare for interview questions, but not many would do well on trivial things.

  4. This is a great checklist to follow when going for an interview. There were many things on this checklist that I was unaware of. For example, I have pointy red nails and if I went to an interview it would probably be a red flag to interviewers. I did not know that ladies should wear clear nail polish. To be honest, i would not even think of half of the stuff on this checklist.

  5. Interview tips such as these are of most importance. Although the 10 copies in a folder may be a little extreme, an extra few copies of your resume I believe wouldn’t hurt. There’s no need to be so over zealous though and print out 10 copies. Other than that though, the rest of these tips seem very important, I’d never thought of bringing my own business card to an interview.

  6. I love this list, it is very detailed and creative on interview preparation. “Phone charger” is an item that nobody ever thinks it would take a spot on interview checklist. It is very helpful to have all new graduates to get ready and shine employers. Have to thumb up for preparing more copies of your resumes. I had a similar situation before. The interviewer did not tell me there were 3 interviewers in each round, and there were going to be 2 round interviews. I used to prepare 3 copies, but somehow that time I grabbed some extra copies, and luckily it ended up with such a smart call. I just want to use my experience to prove that I cannot agree with this list more.

  7. Prior to reading this blog post, I thought it would include generic interview tips such as being there on time, dressing formally, and bringing a resume. But the list made by Emily had a few things that stood out to me. I’d never thought about the need to bring a wait room “prop” to help with starting a conversation. Also the need for a deodorant…but I guess there will be times it can come in handy.

  8. I think this is a very helpful list of tips for an interview. In the chaotic time of preparing for an interview many people forget the simple things. This checklist makes preparing for an interview a little easier because it lists different steps to take in preperation neatly in a list. When interviewing you want to look your best and not be nervous, preparation is key to a good interview.

  9. These interview tips are very helpful. Its hard enough being nervous for an interview, but forgetting something important or something that could take the edge off for an interview is worse. By having this checklist, one can prepare themselves accordingly and hopefully be less nervous.

  10. LOL this post sounds really funny but at the end is really true. A lot of the things that Emily from FindSpark is posting are very important to keep in mind. When a student go to an interview, sometimes is just focusing in what they have to say, and not in what they have to be prepared for in case of an emergency. Like the deodorant, is essential because we tend to be nervous and sweat, We don’t want to be smelling bad to the recruiter. We want to create a very good impression. Also, comfy flats to be relax while getting to the appointment. Finally, the address where you need to be. While are preparing to the interview we often forget to get the address of the interview. I have heard from different people that they have forgotten the address of the interview just because they were so nervous. Things happen, and we need to be prepared. very helpful post that we should take into consideration.

  11. I really liked this post and I found the tips very helpful. Preparing for a job interview can be very stressful and tips like these can help you prepare for your job interview better. I know for myself I can get really nervous when I speak in an interview so these tips can help me relax.

  12. As someone about to start interviewing for internships, this checklist is super helpful. Especially as someone in the communications field, the idea to bring a book or kindle as a conversation starter is extremely helpful as doesn’t make an interviewee look snobby just sitting on their phone as he or she waits. My mother works in the city and always emphasizes packing two pairs of shoes, one comfy pair and the other more formal so you’re not uncomfortable walking all day. This checklist takes a little of the pressure of an interviewee and gives great tips to make someone feel prepared and much more at ease in their interview.

  13. These interview tips entail an effective checklist for someone who hasn’t or has been in an interview. Ive been working since i was 14 and have become more aware of what employers look for in an employee. I have worked with a lot of high willed strong coworkers but i have also worked with the polar opposite. By identifying what different manager like to see and utilize i leaned more and more on those characteristics and left behind any qualities that managers may have found to negatively impact the workplace. With all the different management teams, human resources, loss prevention, etc…I can further increase my knowledge and utilize all these things i learned into my interviews. Ive had 10 different jobs which means 10 different interviews and have overcome each of them because of those factors i listed. This list is great for anyone that is unfamiliar on what to do for interviews.

  14. These interview tips are very helpful for students. Most people, not just students, get nervous for interviews. They are a scary thing. You need to market yourself as the best of the best, and this isn’t exactly easy under such great pressure. What Emily came up with is simple, yet genius. These are things that are much needed, but people, especially when they are nervous, seem to forget about. This checklist helps relieve the stress, and in it there’s some comedy, so in addition to stress relief, you get a comic relief . Everything FindSpark’s checklist lists is pretty important to have with you. I am definitely going to print this out and have it with me for my next interview!

  15. I first met Emily when she came to one of my classes my first semester of college as a guest speaker. She was so knowledgeable and had such insightful, yet unique tips that I wouldn’t ever think of. The following semester, I signed up to do a job shadow with her over spring break. She was so nice and pleasant to work with and it was inspiring to learn from such an accomplished Hofstra alumni. These tips are very similar to her advise, and using FindSpark is a great tool for students and for networking to better your future.

  16. When preparing for an interview it can be easy to forget basic things you’ll want to have since your more concerned about the interview itself. I find these tips very helpful because it tells you all the things you might need, but aren’t too concerned about. Its definitely good to have all of these items so you are more prepared for the interview. I wouldn’t have thought to bring a book in the waiting room, but I see how that can be beneficial.

  17. This is a great thing because everyone needs a checklist to double check. This is a perfect checklist because it goes out of the box from what you would normally expect. Most people would just bring their resume and a piece of paper and look professional. A lot of people do get nervous and I think the deodorant is a life safer because you want to be your best self during the interview. I also think lipstick is a great thing for women because it gives you lips a little extra pop when you are speaking to the interviewer. Also make sure you have a GPS so you don’t get lost and you can make it to the interview on time.

  18. Many of these tips are very useful, and will perhaps give you what you need the most when going to an interview, security and confidence in yourself. Most of these items won’t really be needed at any point of you interview day, but perhaps knowing that you have them, will give you that extra security to know that everything will go fine, and if it doesn’t, or if a problem arrises you have a “backup plan” and a solution ready to take action and continue with success.

  19. First off it is great to see Hofstra alumni working in the community to help young professionals with their careers! The interview process is one of the most important processes you will go through in your young career. Learning how to handle it can be the sole reason for getting a job or not. This checklist can provide us with an amazing start to handling a job interview. I believe key checks on this are doing a dry run, having multiple resume copies, and having samples of your work. If you do your research and use the valuable information available for us currently, there is no reason why you cannot have a successful interview.

  20. This is a fantastic checklist. To the point, and extremely helpful. I found the “waiting room prop” bit very interesting, that;s definitely a helpful tip that I would have never thought about. Great to see that a Hofstra alumni is helping to create ;such helpful resources for students like this!

  21. I do think the interview checklist is interesting and useful for reference however I feel everyone needs to develop their own “interview kit.’ As I mentioned the I do think the checklist is useful as a baseline however I do have a few points of disagreement. For example I do not think it is critically important to bring Chapstick and tissue to a interview (unless you are quite sick) however I personally like to have my laptop on hand in the case that I might need to access information unavailable on my smartphone prior the the interview. I also feel that interview prep can be as important as the actual interview time for this reason I would include some hydration as well as portable nutrition and potentially headphones in my kit.

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