Everyday, millions of Internet accounts around the world are hacked into. Are YOU doing enough to protect yourself? Take a look at these past posts we’ve made: 1, 2, 3, 4

Then, check out these password manager tools recommended by TechRepublic and visit this site to see a video about these tools:

  1. Windows Password Key Standard
  2. Kruptos 2 Professional
  3. 2 Password
  4. Quicky Password Generator
  5. LastPass Password Manager



14 Replies to “Are You Managing Your Passwords Well?”

  1. Password management is extremely important today as countless websites require passwords to participate in memberships, to access services, or to conclude transactions. As a result, it is imperative to make online accounts as secure as possible to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to personal information. The previous posts suggest great tips for making a more secure password. Before reading the previous posts, I felt that I had strong passwords online, as they currently consist of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. However, after reviewing the previous posts, I realized a flaw is that all my passwords are similar. I should make different passwords for different websites so that a security compromise on one website does not affect my security on a different website.

  2. Technology has obviously advanced so much, and is constantly advancing as we speak. Because so much information is shared via computer, email, phones, etc… it is so important that we protect our accounts with proper passwords. Managing good passwords is kind of like a science. I’m one of those people who tries to use the same basic password for everything, with a little alternation such as an extra number at the end. After reading the password manager tools, I added changing my passwords and making them more complex, to my to-do list for the week.

  3. This article is extremely important for those who have weak passwords. With technology advancing nowadays a lot of valuable information is put on the internet. The password is there to protect it of course but even passwords sometimes aren’t enough because hackers are able to find out that password. Not only that but if you have the same password for multiple accounts, many accounts would be accessed and played right into the hand of the passwords. I for one try to have different passwords for different accounts while making sure I have at least one capital letter, number and symbol in it. It’s always safe to do that and limit identity theft.

  4. Passwords are becoming the most important aspect of our online lives, and also the most dangerous. With every site that we go to, a password is required in order to get full access, and most of the time just to enter the site. Due to the fact that this was not the case years ago, many people do not take the time to secure their passwords, and protect themselves from the horrors of the internet age. It’s not easy though. Remembering different passwords to 50-100 different sites can be difficult. In fact, I have so many passwords that I actually had to make a document with all of them on it, which of course is double password protected. I believe that any website that requires a password should increase the password requirements. There are sites that rate a password from weak to good to strong, but will still allow the weak passwords to work. I think that we could eliminate much of the threats associated with passwords if sites required stronger passwords that had more variation.

  5. I know that my own information is very important, and also i should have more sense to protect them by some passwords, but another problem which always puzzles me is that i can’t remember all the passwords, even i am always confused by these passwords, because some sites ask the passwords must contain characters, numbers, and letters. Therefore, almost time i dislike these passwords, but i must say that the more variant and complex one, the more security. Hopefully, these technologies not only can provide the better passwords, but also can help me to keep them, if i forget one of them, i can check it easily.

  6. What people don’t understand about passwords is that once someone hacks into one thing, they can easily have access to everything else you think is password-protected. Also, too many people use the same password for everything, because with all of the social media apps and the subscriptions today’s society demands, we have to sign up for almost everything and create passwords–it’s just easier to use one that you’ll never forget. I’m a victim of this, so I know first hand, but it is very unsafe especially because so many personal things are now accessible even from our smartphones. People should be encrypting their phones so it’s harder for hackers to get into their personal cell, but people don’t really take this issue as seriously as they should.

  7. I feel like I should start using password generators like Quciky. All of my passwords are one of four options. For websites like yahoo, Instagram accounts and store account websites I use the same password. Then for anything dealing with my computer, I use another. For more secure websites I typically make up passwords that contain capital letters, numbers, and symbols to make it more secure. I do not understand intricate computer generating software, so master passwords mean little to me. Additionally, I do not think I have anything that important worth protecting at this moment.

  8. Privacy is something with modern technology that is a major issue. One of the things that is often overlooked, is that just because something has a password, does not make it fully safe or protected. This is especially an issue if you use the same exact password for all of your accounts, which a lot of people do without even thinking of the consequences. This article shows great ideas for password management and how to protect your accounts. This is so important because one account can lead to so much important information of yourself like credit card information, personal private information, social security information, job information, and family information, etc. This is an issue that everyone should take very seriously to protect themselves and their families.

  9. In this day and age, our society is advancing each and every minute that passes. Thus, we are gaining more and more knowledge on getting around loopholes. As a result, we must protect ourselves and our privacy. I always tend to think that no one will ever break into my passwords as I seem to see the best in society. However, after reading this article, I am definitely going to make some changes to my passwords as it has opened my eyes to new information that could effect me. I am guilty of using the same or extremely similar passwords for multiple accounts as it is easier to maintain. I now realize it is not worth it, and it is more beneficial to change it up! We have to protect our identity and personal information!

  10. Having a very good password is extremely important. People usually use a very simple password because is easy to remember. That is the worst thing that they can do. The simpler it is the easiest to hack. I have learned that from experience, because my account was hacked once before. Now, I understand that the complicated password you have is the most harder to hack. My advise, use capital letters in within the password, ad a number and a special character. Don’t wait for your email or other apps to be hacked, change it now.

  11. I feel that sites nowadays have so many requirements for passwords to reduce the chance of getting hacked. For example, Hofstra requires students to change their password each semester, and we must have at least one capital letter, at least one number, and a symbol. Although this may be annoying to change your password each semester, it’s a good security tactic. When reading about the “Quicky Password Generator,” I thought that this app would not be very useful. It randomizes letters, numbers, and even special characters and generates a password almost impossible to hack. However, it’s not easy to remember, which means you would possibly have to write it down or store it in your computer, which a computer hacker could probably get to. I think it’d be more reasonable to pick a password that only you would know, and randomize capital and lowercase letters and add numbers. It should be easy to remember, though.

  12. Privacy is a great concern nowadays. After reading this article, I just realized how important to protect your passwords. I personally had a very low consciousness of protecting passwords and remembering so many versions of passwords made me annoyed. I thought if someone were trying to attack your computer, then he/she could hack your passwords no matter whether they are simple or complicated. I realize that I have to change most of my important passwords and start using password generators.

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