Would you consider yourself to be motivated about your work? Or are you lethargic and bored by your job? Of course, we should want to answer yes to question 1 and no to question 2.

According to HubSpot:

“Do you ever find yourself struggling to feel motivated at work? Perhaps you’re bored or tired. Or maybe you just don’t see the point in what you’re doing. It can be really hard to focus and get your work done — let alone do it well — when you’re feeling unmotivated. Luckily, though, there are things you can do about it. Check out the infographic below to learn about the seven most common reasons people feel unmotivated at work — and how to fix them. You’ll be back on your A-game in no time.”



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  1. This really hit home for me because over the summer I worked a job where they had nothing for me to do. It was difficult being motivated when I would ask 20-30 times a day can I help ? Do you have anything for me to do? Well ten weeks later I watched more movies than I ever thought I would. Being motivated at work is liking what you do so you don’t look at it like work. Keeping yourself motivated is important however I believe the employer has a piece in helping motivate their employees.

    1. Being motivated at work is a real struggle because sometimes you just can’t maintain focus. Over the summer working for OSLE on campus I had that problem as well as I had nothing do. However, I always thought about the near future and that kept my drive going. Always think about what you can do to make yourself better and that’ll keep you motivated.

  2. I work as a Resident Safety Representative on campus, and it’s hard to stay motivated. I don’t make much money, and sometimes I’m treated with disrespect. Therefore, I relate to #7 on the graphic. I constantly think, “What’s the point?” However, I’m able to do my homework, so that keeps me motivated to stick with my job, and it even motivates me to pick up more shifts.

  3. This image has some great tips on how to get motivated. Being a full time student, it can be difficult to get a start on all the work that needs to be done. It is daunting to think about all the assignments that need to be completed, all the textbook pages that need to be read, and all the studying that needs to be done in a short amount of time. However, the tips presented here offer some relatively easy ways to maintain the drive needed to complete necessary work. I personally like to track my progress using small goals as checkpoints in order to maintain momentum while doing work, as mentioned in points two and six. However, point seven seems to be the most effective way to keep me motivated. Thinking about where I want to be later in life motivates me to keep pushing forward.

  4. This is an awesome subject, everyone should abide with this. First, we all need to have goals. Goals that will wide us to a better future. Second, we need to be stress free. We can go to the GYM, do Yoga, go to a spa, etc.…, this will help us go thru the days easily. Finally, we need to sleep and eat well. Eating is extremely important, because food gives us energy to continue in our purpose in life. In addition, sleeping at least 7 hours a day is also very important. Our body needs to rest, and that is how it does it and compensate to recuperate and recharge energy.

  5. Reading this actually made me feel a lot better; although, I do do a lot of these things to keep myself motivated. However, it made me realize that I am not the only one feeling this way. I’ve always been praised for my willpower for not eating certain foods, pushing myself to go to the gym everyday, participating in all my school clubs I absolutely love, for always doing my homework and going to everyday of class. BUT, even with the highest willpower and motivation, there are times I tend to lose it and have to push myself even harder, and sometimes it does fail. For example, number 6, having too much to do, is exactly how I feel sometimes, so I don’t do any of it. I have accounting homework, BAN homework, have to go to work, then to my other job, but I still have to make it to the gym, then to my club, and still with all of this I need to make room for the most important parts of a person’s day, food and sleep. I drive myself crazy with it, so like the tip says, get rid of unnecessary commitments, is what I have been trying to do. It’s hard though because I love all my clubs that I don’t know which ones to get rid of. Sadly, I did have to drop some of them, but I was able to priortize myself better. I picked one charitable organization and one major related organization, so now I’ll be able to put my all into these two without running around everywhere and only giving half of my attention.

    This is a great quick little chart that everyone should go by and the simple tips are actually big tips that can go a long way.

  6. This article was easily relatable. When I was in high school I procrastinated on every project from tests, to papers, to handing in my parking permission slip. I was always overwhelmed at the last minute and it severely affected my grades and my attitude towards the subject at hand. Since coming to college, I am quite the opposite. My basically revolves around to-do lists, alarms, and timers. Whenever I am feeling unmotivated I look at the list of things I need to do that day or within the next couple of days. The work needs to get done, so it just a matter or now or tomorrow. There are some subjects and assignments that do bore me. But it rarely affects my motivation to finish them, or the effort put into them.

  7. The topic of this blog is one that I know everyone thinks about. What stuck out to me the most was number 4 “You’re too tired.” Until college, I really didn’t understand how much having a healthy lifestyle could benefit you in other ways besides physically. Personally, I am always tired during the school year. No matter how much sleep I get, my thoughts never stop and my stress level is always through the roof. Right now, I am focusing on keeping my diet & exercise schedule in check to help increase my mental motivation. This summer, I took time for myself and learned all the proper ways to prepare for my busy schedule during the school year, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

  8. Motivation can be separated into two categories: extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Both lead for an individual to encompass motivation yet for different reasons. I believe intrinsic motivation is more important because that deals with finding your own motivation internally. One needs to find his/her passion at his/her place of work whether it is an artist, dancer, or accountant. Each needs to like what he/she does for the passion realm of the career. Additionally, in order to keep your employees happy and producing good work, an efficient boss will provide extrinsic motivation as well. This could be giving out employee of the month, extra bonus, etc. This way, the employees are in a happy state of mind and want to benefit the company as they are being benefited from their job. I felt this same way with my job I had last summer. I worked at a local boutique shop run by a woman who I was able to talk about my personal life stories with. Not only do I enjoy fashion in an intrinsic mannerism, but my boss gave me incentives to keep pushing! Overall, love what you do and do what you love, and if you are lucky, money will follow!!!

  9. I currently work as a patient care technician at St. Peter’s Hospital. I feel that the job of technicians is often under appreciated by other hospital staff. We work long hours and rarely have time to sit down. Many of the tasks that we complete are very unappealing, such as changing soiled beds. I find that sometimes it is hard to be motivated to attend work in the morning because I know that I am going to get bossed around all day, most of the time without receiving a “thank you”. However, what I find keeps me motivated is seeing the impact that I make on my patients every single day. It is clear that they value the time that I spend in their rooms conversing with them and helping them with their daily care.

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