Many times, resumes are processed by computer software looking for key words — or busy executives inundated with job applicants. So, we have to make sure that OUR resume is the one that is read and liked!

As Don Goodman writes for Careerealism:

“Skimming – that’s what hiring managers are doing when they are going through resumes. There’s no time to read word-for-word when there are hundreds of resumes coming in for that one position, so they skim for key information. In fact, studies show that they spend about eight seconds scanning your resume. If you want a positive response on your resume in the 8-second resume glance, here’s what you have to do.”

Click the image to read several suggestions from Goodman.


7 Replies to “Can You Pass the “8-Second Resume Test?””

  1. I believe that the person reading your resume looks at the main points on the resume rather then reading the whole thing. They read where you work and if you just graduated college they look where you went. They look for key information and make an assumption on your capabilities.

      1. This means that my I must ensure that my resume can capture the attention of a recruiter in a very short amount of time. I need to ensure that my resume has the proper attention grabbing material that recruiters are looking for, otherwise my resume will go into the digital trash bin, or at best be filed away somewhere. My objective needs to be clear, as do my most significant skills. Additionally, I need to do research into the most optimum way to convey these items, which mean understanding that the eye works in a Z pattern, meaning left-to-right across the top of the resume, and then back down the left-hand side. It makes the job market much more competitive and difficult to enter into. Even then, this may mean that in order to be truly considered for a position, it may come down to connections.

  2. When competing for a job there are a lot of candidates and I get that you have to make sure that your resume is the best that you can make it and to only include key words. For someone who is so verbose that is hard for me to do. Depending on the job I am applying to, I would go online and read about the company and than fix my resume to where I would include the key words that the company is looking for in that position. It is kind of disappointing to me that it only takes an employer 8 seconds to look at all that I have accomplished in my life ranging from school, gpa and activities. It is hard to fit it all on one page and in the article it talked about not making the font smaller; yet for my own personal resume I have a small font size to fit all the information I want to put on it. Now after reading this, I am going to fix my resume so it could pass the 8 second test.

  3. When a person is looking over a resume, I believe they have built in ideas they want to see. For example, first they probably look to see if their GPA is above a certain number, next they look at their past work experience. In addition, they probably want to see how well-rounded this person is and what they have contributed to their community. I believe I would pass an 8-second resume test.

  4. It makes complete sense that a unique resume is essential to getting ahead. Hiring managers read so many resumes, and I am sure that almost everybody has the same, routine, recommended key words and tips put into theirs. That being said, it is essential to make sure that your most prominent successes are listed as soon and as clearly as possible. If your GPA is outstanding, it should not be hard for the hiring manager to find. I also believe that staying short and simple is key; whoever is looking over the resume probably does not want to read paragraphs about an almost self-explanatory job like, let’s say, a sales associate. Bullet points highlighting key information is the best way to keep it simple for the hiring managers and help them understand exactly what you are capable of.

  5. As an international student, I really don’t know the process of recruiting in U.S. At the first semester of Hofstra, I have applied many positions on the internet using my traditional resume. Of course, I barely receive responses from those firms. After that, I read some posts on LinkedIn regarding the resume tips and start tailoring my resume to the job descriptions. Subsequently, I received job interviews with my new resume.

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