Search engine optimism remains a big challenge for many firms and individuals.

With this in mind, consider these observations by Drew Hendricks, writing for!:

“SEO has become a cornerstone in content marketing campaigns as businesses look to establish a presence on the Internet. However, SEO is about more than just making sure you have the appropriate keywords placed in landing pages and blog posts. Search engines are getting smarter – specifically Google – which is constantly trying to keep the playing field leveled with every new update. Google’s goal is to ensure that Web surfers are getting quality results each time they submit a search query, and you need to keep these guidelines in mind to make sure your company site actually reaches your target audience. That being said, it helps to know how to optimize your SEO strategy to make sure that you’re always tapping into the potential of the Web.”

Here are Huff’s 8 tools to help optimize sites for higher search engine listings:

  1. Free Keyword Tool from Wordstream
  2. Moz Pro
  4. Majestic SEO
  6. Google’s Keyword Planner
  7. Snippet Optimizer
  8. Pingdom

Click the image to read more from Huff.

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  1. Thank you. I haven’t seen that article from but I have been using Pingdom recently to make my and my clients’ sites much quicker. It pays off. One of my clients now have a loading time of only about 350 ms. Before they moved to our ( FlexWeb AS) server it was more than 5 seconds (5000 ms). Now I am curious to how much that alone affects the SEO rankings.

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