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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post because currently I am interning for a start up company and we use all our social media sites to drive people to our site. I handle most of our social media including facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest. Because I know our demographic is mainly professional women in their 30s I have to target everything towards them. We tweet at new bloggers in hopes to get them attached to our site. It’s important for us to keep our pinterest page as updated as possible because that’s where our fan base is growing the fastest. I’ve also noticed the more personal the instagram photos are the better the outcome of likes and comments. We like to keep things as personal as possible and try to reply to everyone that comments on the facebook page. I think it’s so important for our user base to grow that the more I can post good content the better.

  2. It is so important in todays society as a business to use social media. Most people in the world have or do use social media quite regularly. When you see an interesting site or interesting comments it makes you want to learn about a company or person. Businesses just need to learn how to use it more to socialize with potential customers, rather than to constantly promote. Social media can be a great tool to get potential customers to visit a companies website or take interest in a company. However, if it is used the wrong way it will turn away potential customers.

  3. I really like this post because I think it’s helpful to many people who have a service/product and need help getting their word out there. I think that even the tiniest try on facebook or twitter can make a difference. This info-graph I think explains the importance of social media. Since social media just began, I feel as if many adults are unsure about it. There are so many outlets that there are so many options, that people are overwhelmed about how just to get their information out into the public.

  4. Advertising on social media sites is the best way to get the word out about a new company or product because that’s where most of the people today spend all their free time. Every time I’m on a social media site I always see advertisements for a product or a company that is trying to expand their range to the people who “live” online because those are the people who will buy their products. In todays day and age, I feel less people actually watch tv and spend more time online on social media sites, which is why their is a sudden shift from tv ads to social media ads and I feel they are more effective than most tv ads.

  5. I think this post is great for people who might not be sure how to navigate social media. As we have seen over the years, social media really has become an important factor for businesses. Almost everything is getting posted on Facebook, Twitter, and numerous blogs. And with times changing more and more people have to start adapting to it. So in order for them to understand just how to get their product out the public using social media, looking at this chart would be a big help. We all want to market our products in the best way possible and we don’t want to make mistakes so in order to perfect social media marketing people need to read this article.

  6. Overall, social media has been taking up so much of the youths time. But now, it is even having an effect on adults. It said over 70% of adults are using it. So why not market and advertise your business on it if so many people are on it. I think it is a great tool to get your word out there to everyone. Of course, you could get trapped and begin to waste time on these sites but hey, dont get sucked in to it. The majority of people arent going to be going to your actual site unless you get the word out on say facebook, or twitter, so use them! I like how the article said not to be afraid of it as well. You can’t be scared of the negatives that some people will say. That is just life itself, rejection is part of the succeeding process and people need to learn that. Get your business onto social media!

  7. I like the suggestions that this post has in terms of building your cred on social media, but I also feel like there is this approach but also a different approach for people who want to be more professional on social media. I definitely agree with a lot of statistics but I think it is hard for someone to only be able to stay on a social media outlet for 15 minutes a day, especially if you are someone who is trying to build credibility as a source or a professional outlet. Just a thought.

  8. My dad was a stay-at-home day for most of my life. Then, when I was 15, he started a pizza shop in the area. He tried to use Facebook and Twitter, but he didn’t really understand that you have to actively seek out people on the sites. They don’t just flock to you. It’s hard, if you have been out of touch with the business world, to see the real uses of these websites. Even if you had a steady job and weren’t a stay-at-home parent, you may not have been involved in the overall scheme of social media before you started your own business. It’s tough out there. People won’t follow as easily as you might think.

  9. Social media is a big part of our lives and also working lives! A company that doesn’t use social media is really not growing with society. I find it annoying when people hate on social media so much. If you use it properly, it can be so helpful! There are so many businesses that gain success from social media. I know that I love to follow my favorite stores and it does give a voice to your company.

  10. I never realize how social media can be such a headache. The info-graph shows exactly what I think most people use the internet for, social networking, spreading the word, reading reviews of products and basically gathering information from others. I also thought the suggests that were giving about starting an online page or website for your business gave very good detailed steps of what your goals should be. It was a good outline to realize if a company really wants to explain to the web or not.

  11. I think many people were hesitant about social media at first, wondering if it would be another technology or Internet trend. Now they realize it has staying power and is a leading way people stay connected and communicate.

  12. I really feel that social media is great for small businesses however i don’t believe the statistic that says 21% of time is spent on social media, it is way more. It can help with word of mouth reccomendations. Also customer service. If you set goals, develop your content, and be yourself, you will have great success in a small period of time on social media sites.

  13. The person or brand you create on social media becomes incredibly important. Social media allows for a person or company to show what they want, be who they want, and hide what they want. They can present themselves however they believe to look most “desirable”. While this may sound great and easy, it actually adds more stresses. The company/individual then needs to decide what is attractive, what do people like, what is “cool” and “in”. Presenting the wrong image could mean “social suicide”.

  14. Social media can be a promising platform for marketing in any kind of business. The cost-efficiency for small businesses is invaluable as a tool, but big businesses are projecting their names out into the twittersphere and the world of facebook just as much. Companies like Taco Bell, Wendy’s, DiGiorno, and Honey Bunches of Oats all attempt to approach the social media platform with humor. What I’ve witnessed these companies do is locate normal people’s tweets about their companies and reply to them- for example, if someone tweets that they want a Wendy’s, the Baconator twitter account sometimes replies. People get excited that “the Baconator” tweeted to them, and it makes them more aware of the company and more likely to remember that name when they’re hungry. Small businesses as well can use this to get their names into the minds of young internet users.

  15. Social media is important in today’s society. It has changed the way we communicate and the way companies market their products and product lines. It is important that companies know to use the popular social media in order to sell and advertise their product and the chart pictured above is very useful. It’s important to keep it simple, short, and also draw attention, however you don’t want to be too pushy by posting every ten minutes. It’s also good to target the audience which has been pretty easy nowadays because of social media.

  16. Social media is detrimental to the turnout of a business success in todays society. While on Facebook or twitter and you come across a interesting post that leads to an article or another page, your going to click on it. This is a great way for companies to begin to advertise of these sites. This is a new way for stores to reach out to a completely different target market, that target market being teenage or young adults throughout the world.

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