Just yesterday, we blogged about Google’s having to pay a large fine because of its privacy practices. See that post here.

So, it is more than a little interesting that today, Hollywood Reporter and others are writing about Google’s new emphasis on slowing down copyright violations (‘Google Search to Start Targeting Copyright Violators’). As Paul Bond states: “In a bid to steer Internet users to higher quality video, audio, images, and text on the Web, Google will push links that most likely contain content that violates copyrights lower in search results beginning next week. The effort ought to thrill the creators of TV shows, movies, and music that have long complained of Internet pirates who illegally post their content on Web sites they have no control over and, therefore, earn no money from. Google said in a blog post Friday [today] that sites receiving a large number of valid copyright removal notices will still be listed during a search, though much lower on the results page.”

Is this an attempt at getting good press or a genuine effort to curb illegal posting of copyrighted content?

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