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This J. Walter Thompson Company report focuses on the newly emerging ‘Gen Z’: “Gen Z, the fledgling generation that follows the Millennials, can be considered the first true mobile mavens. They will take for granted a world of smartphones, tablets, and high-speed wireless Internet, untethered from the constraints of a landline or a traditional Internet connection. Based around a survey of tweens and teens (ages 8 to 17) and their parents in the U.S. and the U.K., the report looks at the attitudes and tech habits of those born after 1995. It spotlights how Gen Z use their devices, the Internet, and social networks; how much they value these digital tools and services; and how they prefer to communicate. It also examines this generation from a consumer perspective, spotlighting how they spend their money, and focuses on their anxieties and outlook for the future. In addition, it looks at how Gen Z parents feel about their child’s digital activities, how they shop with their kids, and their concerns for their child’s future. Finally, it touches on what these findings mean for brands.”


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