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As reported by Cynthia Clark, Senior Writer with 1to1 Media: “The proliferation of data is only going to increase, so organizations need to avoid upsetting their customers with behavior that’s considered intrusive. According to experts, this journey starts with listening to customers, and reading between the lines, to understand their interests and communication preferences.”

This article describes several strategies that firms should consider when utilizing “Big Data.”

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  1. ORC will always be a topic of deabte down to the name. Some call it ORC some call it ORT (organized retail theft). At the end of the day it’s all the same. They way it’s defined depends on the state and the terminology they prefer to use. It also depends on laws already on the books that deal with similar issues such as shoplifting. If that state has a strong shoplifting law then the proposed ORC bill needs to be more defined and specific and stand out. It can NOT be similar to another law already in place or no politician will sponsor it. That is where the bullet points listed above come in, such as over $500, more than 2 people, is in possession of an item list etc.I have 30yrs of Loss Prevention experience and had the opportunity to be on a committee that was instrumental in getting not 1 but 2 such laws passed in the State of Delaware. I can not even begin to tell you the educational part of this but also how many re-writes we had to go through before it was excepted; due in part to oppositions, such as E-bay and similarities to other current laws.As far as the other very good points mentioned that included credit card fraud/cloning, cargo theft etc. these items are covered under other laws and I personally prefer they stay there for the simple fact the penalties are much stiffer then they are under ORC laws.In closing I think the industry has done a fantastic job in bringing this topic to the level and attention that it has today. But the fight is not over, now that there are laws in place it’s getting law enforcement to use those laws when presented with cases. Looking forward to other view points.Regards,

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