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According to Knowledge@Wharton, “On March 1, the Mountain View, Calif.-based Internet giant plans to toss out more than 60 different privacy policies and consolidate its services under a single set of guidelines. The harmonization will remove separation between YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Google search and other Google products, meaning that the company will be able to use data it collects from users in one area across all of its platforms. The goal, as Google tells it, is to ‘create one beautifully simple, intuitive user experience’ that treats consumers ‘as a single user across all our products.’ ”  

2 Replies to “Google’s New Privacy Policy: When Consumers’ Worlds Collide, the Company Stands to Profit”

  1. From a financial perspective this will drive the ad revenue through the roof of course with all the integration between services and highly personalized ads.
    Found a nice video that shared some thoughts.

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