Two weeks ago, we examined consumer shopping trends in 2021. Here, we look at holiday shopping 2021 by generation. The research findings are interesting.

For a review of generational categories, we turn to Beresford Research:

What are the ages of the generations in 2021? With some research, you’ll find that dates overlap and names vary. While we hear generational terms all the time, the definitions are not official. However, based on widespread consensus as well as new Gen Z analysis by the Pew Research Centerand the one generation defined by the U.S. Census Bureau (Baby Boomers), these represent birth years and ages of the generations you’ll want to use in 2021.

Generations Defined


Consumer Differences: Holiday Shopping 2021 by Generation

Below, we highlight two infographics from Statista on generational shopping trends.

First, we consider the planned 2021 holiday expenditures in dollars by generation. As D. Tighe reports:

Millennials plan to spend the most on themselves and others during the holiday season in the United States in 2021. That generational cohort expects to spend 1,646 U.S. dollars on average. With their younger counterparts, Generation Z, planning to spend 1,154 U.S. dollars on the festive period.

Holiday Shopping 2021 by Generation


Second, we look at planned 2021 online shopping by age group. According to Daniela Coppola::


Holiday Shopping 2021 by Generation


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